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Vent thread No.2594

Post in this thread to vent about anything you like :)


Well, okay. This gets fucking feelsy though.
>be me, britfag
>get diagnosed with autism at age four
>was relatively happy until final years of secondary school
>assistant teacher was abusive, work became unbearable
>drop out
>get into a college but end up failing so i can't do the other half, probably as a result of burn-out from previous secondary school
>become neet
>found out that primary school played favorites and only supported me because my mom worked there
>found out that i wasn't even planned, i was just made into existence because my older brother and sister wanted a little sibling
>everything i knew in my life was a lie
How the fuck do I come back from being a neet now that I know all of this?


I love her so much.


I feel finally free.
When you realize that meeting new people is painful, it is easy to no longer bother.


It's sad having no friends, but at least no one judges me for being like this


Perfect girlfriend marterialize? or make money and fuck whores?

Life choices...


Banned from wizchan for being a girl after posting there for years it is so unfair. I am not even a girl.


I know someone capped this and posted it on wizchan.. I seen it. Tell the mods to unban me they know I am a guy.
omg.. im not a girl ffs I just sound like one


I cannot send emails to the [email protected] I get an error. The mods have my pictures I had to prove I was male.
Can someone make a /meta/ thread about this I already appealed this is a bullshit ban.

Do I need to send my wand again?




>for years
CC shitter lying on the internet, meanwhile was just some newfag washed in from CC a few months ago.


hopefully admin does not unban you again this time, you probably got your brother to pose for pictures but just couldn't help subtly revealing that you are a female over and over
>inb4 n-n-no I just got my witch friend to record
voice clips for me :))

you are such a liar too you have been on wizchan for like 6 months at most lmao


imagine being so fugly as a tranny or female that you gotta act like you belong on a male reject site to spite them when you COULD be taking the stacypill and forgetting about wasting time on the internet completely


ummm.. excuse me.
I'm totally a guy a man and I did not get someone to record a girls vocide for me I have no friends you people know this omg..
I posted a vocaroo and was banned for being a girl but im not a girl.

i'm a man I cnanot help having a girls voice so lay off me.
I don't want to be a stacy I am a wizard.. I am not a tranny omg you people are so thick headed.
fuck off madcuck
yes for years I just lurked mainly.. and yes I came from CC

How can I get baned for being a girl? omg..


Word to the wise for this site's mod: permaban this CCposter IMMEDIATELY

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>noooo im like totally not this or that guys, fall for my bullshit so i can keep trolling virgin men btw i have bpd!!!!!!


I just have to prove I am a male again so no big deal :3
You think I am a girl omg just shut up i'm a guy or why else would I be posting on wizchan?

I have never trolled anyone on wizchan I get attacked all the timebecause some bozo thinks I am a girl.. I just sound like a girl trust me please.

Why would the mods say I am a confirmed male if I was a girl?




I will be back.
May as well troon out with how I keep getting misgendered..


>May as well troon out
Don’t. I’ll be your friend, CCposter.


even if you THINK you had a chance of coming back, it will be the last mistake made and nobody even wants you back. Fuck, /b/ is looking better without your shit too


how can I become friends with you?
Will you leave a throw away email? I am not good at making friends I talk to people and then get paranoid or feel weird and isolate but I can try.
You just don't understand me


kill yourself CC tranny. I'll hire pajeets to spam porn and gore if you come back.


You will spam porn and gore that is so pathetic omg fragile much


You will never be a wizard. You will never post on wizchan again. Kill yourself.

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who would want to understand you after everything you did? consider not coming back unless you want to see the mods suffer as much as you claim to "care" about them.

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I hate normalfags. They're everywhere now and the only hobbies they haven't ruined are the ones they're working on ruining. I want to use an internet without those creatures, I want to use an imageboard without the damned things. They're worse than fucking roaches.
>that is so pathetic omg fragile much
I don't know much about you but if you really are a guy you don't type like it and if you're a girl you're awful at disguising yourself. Did you even lurk for long enough before disguising yourself? You're not making a convincing case for yourself.


i'm a guy and I have been on the internet for a while these posters are from another website for the most part.

I think normies trancesnd the typical definition and include people who are unable to be an individual and make their entire identity whatever the collective appears to to think on the surface.
They are all over the sites I use now that were originally for people who differed.


Kill yourself.




You are obsessed and this makes it the third website you have harrassed me on.. umm obsessed much.. pathetic much

You claim to have discovered I am a girl with your evidence and now claim I am a tranny or something and sweety if I was a tranny why would I be on the wizard chan omg..

Make up your mind bozo am I a girl or a transexual because you claim I am a girl and spent months attacking me and then changed it to transexual and then back to girl.. This is why I prefer talking with other girls instead of men who just get so catty and aggressive like what are you trying to prove?


>This is why I prefer talking with other girls
which you spent months not doing, giving more reason for any gender to think you are full of shit and heavily absorbed in subversion of other communities that you fake ignorance of


Excuse me? What are you trying to say? Subversion of what? I am not the one spamming images of transexuals all day.

I deny being a girl I deny being a transgender person I deny yoru allegations which are just conspiracy brain farts.

I was talking with my friends that are girls until recently but it is not wise to admit I talk to girls on that website out of respect for the rules. The mods know this as I showed them screen shots from some voncersations I have had to show that I am not trying to "subvert" or troll and they understand this well.
I think maybe they told me not to talk about having friends who are girls but do not quote me.

Accept me as who I am please I accpt everyone else.


you want me to accept you when you have the nerve to call it "conspiracy brain farts"? really? "wuuuhh wuhhh the mods know the truth!" you stupid weasel, of course you think the lack of what they share is somehow proof of anything when so far there is more proof of you gleefully shitting up the place. mods are not your fucking source of defense, especially if they are the ones that issued the ban in the first place. you are disruptive, highly annoying, and you know it


Leave me alone, please, I do not want to get attacked for simply existing.


i will leave you alone if you disappear or just shut the fuck up about the things you talk about to bait everyone into anger that you enjoy doing, and even if i stopped, you still got perhaps two more people keeping eyes on you and i already know who did the deed of linking this thread


I want to shut up, i'm sorry for being stupid.


Revolting subhuman feigning ignorance and innocence, but delights in ruining wizchan ans shitting up every site it goes on until people eventually run it off. Kill yourself you vile abomination. You will never be a wizard, you will never post on wizchan again.


>if you really are a guy you don't type like it and if you're a girl you're awful at disguising yourself.
it is just a larp, this poster does it on purpose, same poster claimed it pisses its bed because it is too lazy to get up and also claims it watches anime porn on the tv with its mom


also this person constantly claims it is completely disabled and only gets help from social workers and "cleaners" but slips up occasionally and mentions previous jobs, its family, and the copious amounts of drugs and alcohol it consumes


I'll email you if you leave your email.


What does CC mean? Is it Chris Chan in the context of a faggot autismo tranny posting?


NEET is NEET, regardless of whether you're a male or female. Stop being retarded and stay on /r9k/ and/or Wizchan if the idea of women existing disgusts you. Don't bring your brain damage onto this board.

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Women are never neets though and if they are it's just because they're lazy. If a roastie comes along onto a board for neets then it's very likely she's looking for attention. That's what they always do on the internet. It's not brain damage, it's just how women are.


Don't be retarded, women can be hikkis too. Admittedly, normie women come on boards for neets quite a bit, but this does not mean that no hikki women exist.






this isn't even a vent thread
just some dumb edrama no one cares about


Agreed, the admin should delete this thread


W-where is that cute CCposter?!? I wanna smack her BUTT ^_^




Oh yeah, I remember one time I helped a dude get on their discord and verify himself so he can get access.


>jumps to faggotry22.png


Me on the left
CCposter on the right


>Oh yeah, I remember one time I helped a dude get on their discord and verify himself so he can get access.


Sometimes I feel as if I was going crazy, but the sad kind


Okay, here's how I did it.
>guy wants to verify himself onto cc discord
>cc discord requires a voice check for full verification
>forks over his login details to me to get him verified
>verification goes off without a hitch and now he's in
Could I have done something horrible to this dude's discord if I wanted to? Yes. But i didn't.


Why would he need your voice?
That's the weird thing


Crystal Cafe's discord requires a voice verification to make sure you're a girl if you want to get fully verified. Yes, that's how much they don't like dudes.


They a buncha trashy catty bitches anyways LMAO. Now where is that cute CCposter?!?!?! ^_^


I was pointing out you’re a girl which makes two of them here unless you’re the admin’s gf.


Shit like this is why people say women are trouble everywhere they go. Nobody listens to that sentiment, nobody gatekeeps, and then women waltz in and burn the place while anybody who notices is ridiculed.


Nah, i'm just some rando fem neet.


I want to get a job which requires no skills or training and where I don't have to talk to people


I feel so withdrawn and as if I do not want to talk to anyone because there is no point.

They need to keep men out because just look how awful they can be for no reason.
maybe try train for one? I want the same thing but do not want to work I just want people to leave me alone.
All I see is a bucnh of men who waltz in and atatck someone for being a woman or suspected woman. omg seriously


she's def not me :3


the way this thread has gone reminds me of that study where they found that men actually get significantly more online harassment than women, but (a) they're far less likely to report it and (b) it's not nearly as gender focused as female harassment is. instead it's more varied. I can't find a source that isn't the guardian or the daily mail cba to keep looking so feel free to take your pinch of salt on this one


If I had to guess it's probably do to trolling rather than being of a sexual nature.


I get mistaken for a girl and this thread is proof of how much hate woman get online for simply being born as a woman.


well, yes, but my point in bringing up that study is that men get just as much hate but for different reasons... or at least seemingly different reasons. it's entirely possible that if they didn't mistake you for a girl, they'd just find some other thing and keep going.

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Girl's perspective: women are sexist af and it's honestly so fucking annoying how they shit all over men. I have never been harassed for my gender online. I've seen so many sexist comments, "let's make this a women's world!" FUCK THAT ...


>Ignoring the fact that most, if not all annoying namefags are male.
>Ignoring the fact that most, if not all shitty imageboard admins are male. (Most notably 8chan)
>Ignoring the fact that all imageboard shooters have been male.

Golly gee...


there have been mass shooters (though not imageboard shooters) in the past that have been female, but as you might expect they got very little media coverage and lenient sentences relative to the male ones. they're much rarer even accounting for that, but that has more to do with how women tend to, as a whole, commit violence in ways that aren't physical, such as social ostracization or emotional manipulation.


keep your incel stuff off here thank you


? it's not incel stuff. it's common knowledge, I thought. cat fights are so vicious because when girls get violent they aim to kill each other, instead of guys who fight just to prove dominance. I'm not saying every girl is violent, I'm saying girls get violent differently than guys do.


and men are more violent so lets not go starting any gender wars here.


they're more violent physically, yes.. that is my point. and if all it takes to start a gender war is pointing out an obvious difference between the two then what kind of absurd balancing act is the whole world doing to stop that from happening constantly?


Girls perspective: I fucking hate women especially (You)


ok bro

tits or it didnt happened


most of my friends went to a party hosted by one of them. i wasn't invited so I didn't go. i drank today. i should distance myself, I picked up yet another addiction, that being talking to friends on discord. how do I go back to working out and never talking to anyone.


I'm bored in such a way that it makes me suicidal, like I'm a 99 year old who has seen and done everything worthwhile and life has nothing good enough to offer anymore. I see other people who have or start to settle into monotony and routine and I can't imagine that being my future. I need novelty and excitement. And don't tell me to do things, I have tried many things to keep myself busy, I need something bigger, I can't find joy in the small mundane things. I have had some great experiences but, at the same time, my life has never really started, I'm fucking done.




Once people get tired of you, it's easy
I can't stop using that crappy website for some reason but I hope you can


Joy needs to come from within with a change of perspective because you won't be able to constantly run on a tight rope.


it's nice to be in that place where you have nothing to lose (if something bad happens like homelessness i'll just kms.) i'm free and i don't feel shame anymore. i will die one day, and will be forgotten, and it doesn't matter. i can do what i want with no remorse.


I know what you mean anon and we are lucky to have found it because many never get to see life this way. Obviously it hurt enough to get here but once you step outside of everything you can just stop caring and even learn to try enjoy the small delights that life holds.

Just quit talking to everyone anon and quit all forms of social media or at least limit it so you are not using them daily. Your friends are probably not even your friends and you should tell them you were hurt by whatt hey did.
Don't act liek a faggot be straight up


and now we're no longer friends lmao. from my understanding, the friend group completely fell apart when a chick that joined for 3 months (group age around 2 years) took issue with my humor. she didn't enjoy me shitting on women, and using incel-esqe terms like femoid in comedic situations.
she took issue with it, didn't tell me for 3 months, then just exploded into a very argumentative rant where most everyone who had just met her 3 months ago had turned against me (at least half of them I had known since elementary school, around 11 years).
i don't like being pushed around or being forced to do things. when people had problems with things I did, and they got in contact privately with me, we always worked something out and everyone was happy. she berated me and demanded I changed the way I talked and joked in our discord's general chat, I told her to go fuck herself. and about a month later i moved 2000k kms to a new city anyway.
all in all, most of my friends stabbed me in the back to white-knight for a chick who they practically just met, and don't even talk to anymore. to top it all off, now they barely talk to each other as well, and I've come out of the situation unironically more misogynistic than i was before.


Would you have felt much different if one guy had stuck up for you? I think the thing that should have stuck out was how readily guys white-knight.


that stuck out as well, and i with in the car with a friend from the group at the time of this going off the rails. he had just been played with by a chick for around half a year, so his view of women was the most favorable. i had let him know i understood where he was coming from, and agreed to many extents. i also got him going to the gym (hence why we were together).
sticking up for me in the situation would've been social suicide. i told him to just stay out of it as there was no point in a social suicide pact. I'm glad i built up an ally and friend, but ultimately it wouldn't have changed anything. the majority of the group was set in their ways, had let a random woman join the group, and let her destroy the group for the second time now (2 different women each time)


>and i with in the car with a friend
was in the car with*
>his view of women was the most favorable
view was most unfavorable*


Female homewreckers turn me on.


I agree wholeheartedly. It wouldn't be as annoying if women were at least held to some similar behavioral standards as men and were called out whenever they go around starting problems or just being generally rude or even hostile but they never do so they keep going about their ways like children who were never told "no". Because they rarely get told to quit their shit they get so amazingly smug and are borderline incapable of even considering the possibility that they ever did or do anything wrong. It's actually kind of disgusting and a little concerning as to how horrible they might truly be.
In a way, I feel their love for makeup serves as something of a metaphor. They'll slather their faces all over it to look like a model but when it comes off you can finally see the hag underneath and the damage done to her skin that reflects her personality. Honestly this thread just proves anyone with complaints about how women conduct themselves correct.
Anime girls might not be real but they at least don't go around trying to be a smug and immature asshole for fun (not as often, at least). Thanks for being willing to call out the other members of your own gender on their crap by the way, it would be nice if more women would talk some sense into each other.


As far as losers online in obscure or loser communities I don't think it matters much if someone is a woman because someone who actually belongs wont be acting like some normalfag anyway if they even belong at all.
WOman have some natural inclinations they cannot help as with men but you are not wrong that unless they somehow developed independently how to conduct themselves and grow as person they wont.

Woman shit everything up in tandem with the men who indulge them it is just a matter of fact and I think it is best if people just dont go attention whoring over their sex but it will never stop.


This existence thing is too much effort.

Doing things is exhausting. Doing nothing is exhausting. I don't know what to do.


Why is everyone on wizchan either a uni fag or white collar worker? They are the definition of normal. It's painfully obvious nobody there is even a virgin.


That’s because you use /dep/.


many of them are but still normal


Yeah you're probably right.

The site's entire premise is fatally flawed. A wizard can do everything a normie does, yet not be a normie because he is a virgin. But if you're (for example) a mentally ill hikki-neet who had sex one time in your life then guess who will be called the normalfag? Wizchan is like a failed experiment but somehow the show keeps on going.


It all comes down to the site being prescriptive and not descriptive. There are not enough fully-fledged wizards i.e. not apprentices for a site anyways.


agree. ou can have had sex and belong in the fucked up loser outcast club even more than someone who is just a virgin and is able to work


>t. sex-haver


Yeah stay away from /dep/ at all costs. It also has wageslave general which is the most normalfag thread on the site tbh. That board only serves to attract the tourists so they don't shit up the other boards, which are still decent or at least tolerable.


Sick of searching "NEET" and being flooded with videos by fucking Indians talking about their National Eligibility Entrance Test.


One day they’ll change the name, and we’ll all breathe out a collective sigh of relief.


>decide to check my old facebook for old times sake
>all of my classmates, including the pricks who harrassed me and made my life a living hell, have better lives than me, one even getting married and another having a fucking kid
>meanwhile i'm basically a neet who has never stepped one foot outside my mother's basement
Talk about a punch right in the fucking face. I know i'm not special in discovering this but it is still a fucking punch in the face, knowing that normies who were nothing but cunts to me are leading happy lives and they probably don't even remember doing that to me.


>tfw too dumb and depressed to get rich off crypto


>another having a fucking kid
That kid is going to be a normalfag; the cycle repeats itself.