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ever think about just becoming normalfag? No.2597

I do not mean get a GF and all that but just going outside trying the normie life I have tried it and it is really just awful not because of people but they can be horrible mainly there is nothing out there.

If I decided to go out I could drink with random people and do what normal people like but why bother? I just wnat to sleep and listen to good music.


I want to because after "he" dies I have two options
Either I end it or I try to at least get a job and try to live normally
I feel that I won't be able to just kill myself so...


sounds like you have the choice to change
many of us are neets because you cannot change
you are priveleged and shouldn't take that for granted
go have fun


I've been trying to become one for years. I'm not a neet anymore and I have a friend now. Still far from being "normal" though.


at first, I didn't believe the NPC meme, but it's begun to be blatantly obvious to me at least. I've got two friends that can actually think, entrepreneurial mindset, seek out info, look past political brainwashing (both black but oppose BLM and shit), etc.
then there are others. dropped a friend who was a complete retard, literal drone. I worked full-time at a manufacturing place for about half a year, and they were all literally drones.
I'd say perhaps they're just broken and beaten down by life, but that doesn't explain my retard friend and many others I've met. i have family whos immigrated multiple times, learned multiple languages, started multiple businesses, and these here-born fuckers cant even save some cash for a rainy day
>inb4 pajeet
sorry for the rant, just kinda flowed out and has nothing to do with OP, Im a failed normie, never was one, tried to be one for about a year and a half before it just disintegrated.
i now 100% believe normies are literally just soulless drone NPCs
embrace being abnormal, just make sure its in a positive way, whatever that means to you.


I think the NPC meme has been around a lot longer than people realize, it's just that it used to be rhetoric about "leaders and followers" instead of being based on game terminology. you know those old sayings like, "if you're not a leader you're a follower"? I'm nearly 100% certain those come from the same place as the NPC stuff and is a strong indicator that phenomenon is real


I don’t think you should conflate being an entrepreneur with not being an NPC. Only being into something for the money is Jewish in spirit. Some of us really are that broken and beaten down i.e. learned helplessness and crippling anxiety. You and your family are born survivors, but you shouldn’t look down on the drones here because they’re still better than the ones in the shithole where you came from.
Not everyone who is a follower is an NPC and vice versa. Not being alpha doesn’t mean you’re an NPC.


Why would I?


I don't believe in that alpha nonsense anymore than I do santa claus, but I can't deny the fact that. even if they do have an internal monologue, a lot of people exist who don't really question why they do the things they do, and just follow whatever script they're handed. that's why you end up with so many mothers who hate their kids, so many people who hate their job, so many kids who grow up to do whatever dad said he should. because these people don't stop to think for themselves. because they do whatever the closest, most relevant authority says they should. I live in a country where people rushed out, en masse, to take a vaccine that is not safe because the president told them to do so. I live in a country where people think you can get ahead solely on hard work- despite all the actual evidence in the world (falling economic mobility, family as indicators for success, the sheer amount of hard working people that can't afford food and rent even with three jobs) telling them that clearly isn't true. why? because the people in charge said so. because the authority deemed it true. I live in a world where if you decide not to follow the script of going to a college that's nearly gauranteed to put you in debt to get a job you'll most likely hate, in order to get married so you can have kids that put you even more in debt, and all of that on top of buying a house and car you can't afford, then people think you're a loser and ridicule you. they can't interact properly with someone who doesn't follow the script and I have 20 years of first hand experience with literally everyone in my family except one, on top 18 years of every school teacher and every student in the school I went to sans like, three of them total, to prove it. if NPCs aren't real then why the fuck has my life been so full of them?


this is just the edgelord version of crappy "introvert vs. extrovert" memes


>If I decided to go out I could drink with random people and do what normal people like but why bother?
There's nothing for us out there. Been there, tried it.


you will become one when its time, my child.
now you can rest in animu.


seems like you didn't grew up yet, maybe staying too much in your parents space?


that's bullshit.

Try having something to do. You will not have time for a lot of things. Those people aren't drones, they are getting their means to live a life while you sit idle in mom's basement bud.


When someone broadcasts their entire life on social media, watches the most normalfag of normalfag shows like The Office, uses mainstream Reddit communities, and obediently listens to anything and everything the news/government says, then I think they're NPCs.





Have to agree with this I am really sick of this elitism from NEETs when we are rarely anything but losers.
Only a small amount of NEETs use their time productively.