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Do you have anything to look forward to when you wake up? I don't and haven't had for a very long time.

It's not any different than when I was in school and had a job. It's just how my life is.

I ran out of sleeping pills again.


They know who they are.


I look forward to going back to sleep.


>Do you have anything to look forward to when you wake up?
My antidepressants.


Night-time, I love it, I feel much better, I get to have some uninterrupted privacy


my day being over. hoping I never wake up again


Usually the mornings. The taste of strong coffee hitting my taste buds and the dopamine hit is splendid!


i don't and i often go back to sleep. i usually sleep around 20 hours a day. ill probably off myself soon


Nope. I have nothing to look forward to. I just intentionally stay up late so I can sleep in and not have to do anything.


No. For some reason I get up anyway.

Wish I didn't do that.


Learn boredom, to all of those who have nothing to look forward to.

Cherish boredom, embrace it, for it will reward you!


I've been trying to do that for 6 years. When will I be rewarded?


nope, in fact i spend most of the day sleeping anyway
i remember staying up all night to watch smiling friends air


I have been posting here bor a bit longer than 6 months, time goes by so fast
Even going back 6 months I'm sure I was happier back then


Nothing at all.
I have nothing and my inheritance has been wasted so I have nothing in the far future either.
I can only hope that I die in the next few years because of my health, but I doubt I will - I'll suffer till I'm probably in my 80's.


Everyday is the same shit. But at least I am comfy.


dopamine from the internet


oh and looking at 2d girls and thinking about them


One full year
Will it get better soon?




I look forward to buying stuff like my favorite PC cases though they must remain empty because I have no money to buy innards.


I made this post more than a year ago, things changed a lot but everything stays the same. Neo-NEET arc is over


I've just been doing the same stuff for the last 10+ years.
I play the same games and listen to the same stuff on yt.
My life has gone nowhere(except backwards in things like health, money, etc.).
People have children for themselves and don't give a single thought to morality.
Luckily people have become so self-absorbed, that they screech about not wanting kids(because they are mentally children themselves, and want to keep their time to themselves and fill it with degenerate bs), and their terrible "personalities" keeps away any guy that does.


That's what I call based