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Do you have anything to look forward to when you wake up? I don't and haven't had for a very long time.

It's not any different than when I was in school and had a job. It's just how my life is.

I ran out of sleeping pills again.


They know who they are.


I look forward to going back to sleep.


>Do you have anything to look forward to when you wake up?
My antidepressants.


Night-time, I love it, I feel much better, I get to have some uninterrupted privacy


my day being over. hoping I never wake up again


Usually the mornings. The taste of strong coffee hitting my taste buds and the dopamine hit is splendid!


i don't and i often go back to sleep. i usually sleep around 20 hours a day. ill probably off myself soon


Nope. I have nothing to look forward to. I just intentionally stay up late so I can sleep in and not have to do anything.


No. For some reason I get up anyway.

Wish I didn't do that.


Learn boredom, to all of those who have nothing to look forward to.

Cherish boredom, embrace it, for it will reward you!


I've been trying to do that for 6 years. When will I be rewarded?


nope, in fact i spend most of the day sleeping anyway
i remember staying up all night to watch smiling friends air


I have been posting here bor a bit longer than 6 months, time goes by so fast
Even going back 6 months I'm sure I was happier back then