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how often do you brush your teeth? No.2619

I used to go months at a time without doing it but I've gotten better at remembering to do it daily for the last two months or so. what about you, anon friends?


Very infrequently. My teeth are yellow but are otherwise healthy. I've never had a single cavity in my life. I think its possible to get away with not brushing your teeth at all as long as you're reasonably healthy and eating good foods (Sugar-filled shit is obviously going to promote bacterial growth in your mouth, and acidic foods like citrus will also eat away at enamel).


It's the one thing I do regularly. Mouth pain/issues fucking suck and are expensive. It's the only hygiene that prevents ailments. Not showering and other shit isn't as detrimental.


I like my teeth .. I take care of them.. but my gums are fucked


I brush my gums too while I brush my teeth, and that seems to work well enough. for me at least


>what about you, anon friends?
Very infrequently the last years, teeth are healthy. Anon is 35 now and never had a cavity or other problems. - Pure luck I guess... Anon bought some new soft brushes and tries to make brushing teeth a twice daily habit again because the brushless just rinsing way most likely won't work out forever.


rinsing is usually enough if you rarely eat sugary foods like >>2622 said. I'm glad you're making it a habit again though, healthy friend is good friend!


>healthy friend is good friend!


everyday how can people go without it


I did't brush them in many years...


brush daily a few times or more. I just have to I really do.
if i don't shower when I poop I wipe until I bleed


quickly run the tp under water and then wipe. it's like washing. less satisfying but similar enough to feel clean.
tp hurts. I never use it dry


twice a day or more.
have to do it when I wake up because ICK