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Name hikikomoris (or ex-hikikomoris) who have succeeded in proposing an interesting and popular artistic work
1.Hideaki Anno
2.Shinichiro Watanabe
5.Tatsuhiko Takimoto
6.Noko (Shinsei Kamattechan)


If you wanted to make me feel like shit, you succeeded. Notice how they’re all Japanese?


at what point was watanabe a hikikomori? for that matter, I don't remember hideaki anno being one either. in fact his horrible depression was in part caused by otaku culture being so accepting of defeatist thinking like that to start with, I think.

what even was the last popular + interesthing thing to come out of somewhere other than japan?


literally anything other than anime


I haven't seen any good games or TV shows come out of somewhere else since game of thrones went to shit. I admit it might just be because no one I know is talking about that stuff, but I'm gonna need some kind of concrete example if that's the case


I can't really give a concrete example since I "consume" anything I like, but all I can really say is don't blindly praise Japan, and look for things and games outside of the East. Good things come from there as well. Japan makes more shit (in my opinion) than actual art anyways.


I guess it's just a difference of opinion then since I do look and rarely ever find anything. if I'm lucky, and I mean really lucky, I'll find an indie game put out by some random dude in like, idaho, that turns out to be an actual good game. but that happens every few years at best.


Kapura Gloomy_goat on twitter is a recovering hikikomori girl who is an amazing artist and really getting out there!


Get outta here. As you can tell, I hate students as well.


Not in education, employment, or training.

It's valid


Not saying it isn't valid. Just don't like it when you plug people like that.


I agree with you anon. If someone is in enrolled in education, they aren't a NEET


Nick Smith aka Ulillillia got a job at like 30 as a cashier after being NEET all his life.


this is not a success story I was hoping for -_-


I was too nice to make that observation myself.


Yeah I realized after posting it was wrong. Couldn't delete the motherfucker though..