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I have been a NEET for almost 5 years No.2690

And I'm happier than ever! For how long have you guys been a NEET? Do you feel ok with it?


I'm unhappy, but it has nothing to do with my NEET lifestyle, I was just as unhappy at the time I was studying


Was a NEET for about a year; didn't like it


Being a NEET isn’t why I’m miserable.


about 10 years and hikikomori for most of them.
not happy but working wouldn't change that. nothing would.


Then why the fuck are you here?


Because nobody gatekeeps against outsiders.


It shouldn’t be an echo chamber either. The guy was an actual NEET for more than six months and isn’t showing he has an axe to grind against those still living the lifestyle.




I've been a neet for 4 years and my mental health is already fucked up
now i just want to go to the psychologist and get better but keep being a neet weeeee i don't think to work in my whole life also i'm weak af so i couldn't

Hope you doing well anons


I love being a neet itself but I don't like feeling uneasy about my future, and having to rely on my parents for everything. They can be abusive and I can't say shit because "if you don't like it move out".


I hate it because I'm scared for my future, but I also hate studying and working


Wish I could switch places, my dad treats me right (90% of the time), I really should be treated poorly
Me too


People (don’t) get what they deserve.


considering there's almost 0 posts its true


i've been neet since i born.



I've been NEET for about 6 years, mostly hikki for 5 of those years. I'm actually fairly happy this year. I've been through a lot and I've learned to find a degree of happiness within myself. It wasn't always like that though, 2018 and 19 were filled with personal crises for me, but I've worked through that.