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Any new NEETs? No.2777

I haven't been a NEET for very long but I have no desire to change that


Pomf :3


omg triples triples!!
How old are you anon? mots of us just get sick of watching anime and games etc in the end.


Watching anime and playing games doesn’t mean being a neet


I'm a neet and I've got plenty of side projects, some of which I've even finished. I even made my own (small) game once. took me about a month. there's a lot you can do without a job besides just play games and watch anime as long as you have an internet connection. only part I spent money on for the game was buying asesprite to make the art and that could've been worked around with krita if I didn't have neetbux


I remember Rita was free before, is it paying now?


hi fren, i am almost 27 :3
I'm still new to the whole interweb world and am feeling a bit like I'm never going to truly catch up :(


krita is still free. that was my point. if I didn't have money I could have used krita(free) instead of asesprite(paid)

what is there to catch up with? all the "trends" and stuff stop being relevant after two weeks at the most.


You are way too fucken cheery, but who knows maybe you're one of those failed normalfags who'll go onto to make "positivity threads".
Where the fuck have you been man? You say you're 27 how do you not already have 10 years under your belt?
>you're just mad im successful
No, I'm sick of tourists what're you going to interview anons & NEETs?
Fuck off mate.


currently trying to get on neetbux rn


Get off his case, man. Let him have his chance to prove himself.


I am new


I am new here glad to have found this site


nah, he's right. Im not a failed normalfag and I don't post positive shit. no thanks to my mental disorders ..
I am rather pathetic for not just giving up on norm shit long ago, better late than never


I'm a new neet but hate my current me. Maybe some change would be awesome.