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Dance Party No.2822

why did people hate eromanga sensei? it could have/should have gone full moe instead of trying too hard with a shit plot but was fun.


they don't like the way it makes them feel/how people would see them if they enjoyed it. its got lewd moments between step-siblings, one of which is a middle schooler


It was done in good taste and was more moe than pure lewding in my perspective. I thought the art was nicely done.

it is a bit of fun and not to be taken seriously.. normalfags gonna normalfag


anything that crosses taboo lines, no matter how well done, will be rejected by them


This is exactly why I do not want JP to pander to their western fans


Anyone ever see the movie Cruel Intentions (1999)?
It is about step-siblings betting that if the brother can get a specific character to sleep with him, the step-sister will finally fuck him.
it was/is relatively popular.. so if Eromanga Sensei was too "lewd", then I don't know what to call anything anymore.

Maybe I just relate way too much with Sagiri, and my friends in middle school were super lewd.. but whatever