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Do you have any pets :3? No.2865

I would want to see them since I don’t have any myself ^-^


I have a pet woman. She's the feisty type but a good beating sets her straight. I wuv her so much ^-^




I used to have a cat.
He died two years ago.

I still miss him like crazy.


I have a cat, but I’m not posting him.


I had a cat but the jewish landlord found out I did not know I had to ask his permission to have a cat in a place I fucking rent. Watch he will take the deposit anyway and charge for some stupid shit, the cat lives with my parents now.


Anon met a cute spider in the bathroom today. - Not sure if that qualifies as a pet, since we just share the same habitat..? Hope we become frens, tho. uwu


I once had a fish. It died a year ago and I'm still unsure I can move on