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What book does Anon read? This Anon got himself "Klara and the sun" by Kazuo Ishiguro and can't wait to read it soon. :3


About to read The Republic.


Just read The catcher in the rye, didn’t like the main character but there are some nice things about him.


Aside from manga I have read all the pessimistic philosophy I could find and some other stuff.
Some classic novels, waiting for some novels to arrive a the moment but because of coivid it seems everything will take a long time to get.

this anon does not really enjoy reading much now. Cannot enjoy reading anymore and it takes a lot of effort for even manga to get read :(
read this book and seemed like a bit of a meme. It gave the impression of the MC well and that is what it is about but besides that I think it is a giant circle jerk.


have you read Faust by Goethe? You probably already know it, it’s classic after all. Undoubtedly, the idea of ​​"Faust" is simply genius. I read the first part with big interest, there was intrigue and something I could grasp on and reflect. But mann,, the second part, to understand it you have to know too much of previous literature starting from Ancient Greece or Rome(plus goethes own thoughts and philosophies) ,and ofc not everyone can handle it, me included ((_ _)) maybe I read wrong translation since I don’t know the original language it was written zzzzz btw there’s also another Faust written earlier by Marlowe, I actually like it more than Goethe’s , his dr Faust is less of a slob lol


It's so stimulating to see that there are still people actually reading books. I'm reading The Life of Diogenes of Sinope by Diogenes Laertius. Have to finish it before starting to read Klara and the sun.


Take the Cioran pill.


on the heights of despair was great.
I could not enjoy his other works really.


Last non-manga book I actually enjoyed was "Of Mice and Men". For manga, i've recently started Bleach.


Reading Moby Dick, and it's making me want to go outside and do something for the first time in a while.


Is of mice and men good? I plan to read all the classics.
Why bleach? I am big on manga and will read it for months straight but never wanted to read bleach.

Have moby dick in the mail! cnanot wait to read it.


Was once a project thing during school but i ended up really loving it. Bleach was a gift from my parents but i've only read the first one of the five volumes they got me (1-5).


Read Of Mice and Men recently, its good. I would say the character writing is the best part of it, all of the characters are given time to shine, and even the assholes are sympathetic at least.