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quitting internet? No.3017

Had anyone else come to decide that they are better off abandoning the internet for communication and only using it for media?

Internet is not much fun anymore and so many of us try to live in the past when we maybe should move on.

There are still fun, levelheaded people out there but it is too much effort for this anon to be bothered looking for them and talking to them.
Why talk to people if you can pass your time without people?

What do you anons think?


ive embraced the clownworld meme, people on the internet are for your own entertainment, unless they're levelheaded


millions of people online and only a small number of Eng speaking anons who are not retarded.
what gives

I find it all so tiring and not fun anymore and that is the problem. I am the problem. Everyone else has fun on twitter and reddit by repeating the same meme and thoughts. I am defective




Finally a thread I can actually post in.
I’ve thought about it many times in the past. In the few times I’ve been able to drop vidya and internet I’ve been so much more productive until the temptation comes back. The unfortunate reality isn’t unlike the reason for most addictions though perhaps less intense: when real life isn’t for you then you turn to something that is. It certainly held true for a while until normalfags turned the internet into shit.
I could try and leave the internet, and there’s certainly a lot of reasons to do so, but then I wouldn’t have anything that holds my interest or is even accessible for me in real life.


ive been having fun on the Japanese side of Twitter


Quitting the internet to be productive is fine but I do not think it is fair to beat yourself up for being able to enjoy something you do not see as productive. I am in a similar boat as you so know full well what you meant and personally browsing online can be so unproductive that simply watching moe anime appears productive in comparison.

Novelty itself is what makes the internet so addictive, you may scroll and find only shit but it is always unexpected no matter how mundane.

NEET should have a creative hobby to fall back on like drawing because you run out of media to eat eventually.
My books had just arrived including some manga and I doubt I will do much with them for today at least.