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how did you become NEET? No.3027

What is your NEET story?


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College dropout, and I'm lazy and afraid of the world
I wish I wasn't, because eventually I'll suffer more


you really should try as it gets harder and harder and eventually you cannot find joy in the outer world but your inner world is just depression.


dropped out once, graduated and then couldn't find a job. feels bad falling back into old habits.


School was a living nightmare and I dropped out. To be honest, i'm happier being a NEET.


Try anon or stop regretting it because it never gets better.


Smooth transition out of high school. Its depressing at times but overall isn't too bad and I'd like to move in the future.


failed college after 2 months at 18 then been a NEET ever since. Life's good making bacon bagels and an ice cold coca cola in the morning and playing neptunia games on the PC or PS4.
As i don't wish to ever change


Depression. It's that simple.


The NEET who can enjoy themselves with games etc is truly living life.
I don't enjoy a single thing.

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at some point i stopped going out less and less, this became a frequent theme with me.
i made no active choice along the way yet did lean into somewhat established niche subcultures via imageboards.
now i protect it, i feel its something worth trying to gatekeep all the while not taking it too serious,
>Tfw /comfy/
aspire to be comfy


how did yoy become NEET not hikikomori silly!!
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Born an autist and couldn't keep up with the demands and pressures of the soul-crushing and mind-numbing environment that is school.
Decided to skip school which lasted for at least 2 or 3 weeks which during that time, It left me feeling more alive and free then I'd ever been my whole life.
Ever since then I've made it my goal in life to live a comfy NEET life when possible.


I can but after a while reality starts to bother me again


my school and uni sucked big and i've played videogames 24/7 or drank beer



I guess it's because I don't have anything to drive me to do anything.
Maybe if my parents didn't get divorced while I was in high school then I might have had the drive to leave home due to, hopefully, being pushed out by my father.
Every boy is afraid of his father being aggressive towards him for not doing anything with his life and for still staying at home. No one can handle all that aggression, and that's a good thing.
You should never get comfortable, otherwise you go nowhere and don't even end up accomplishing the basics of life(moving out, having a job and your own place, etc.).
That is why boys should never only live with his mother, and it would be preferably for a boy to have no mother at all. women are children. they have no soul and are detrimental to the growth of boys. I wish someone would release a gene-targeting virus to get rid of them all.
My plan now is to stay at home until she dies and then hopefully move in with my brother. By then I'll probably be in my 40's and I'll have to find a job packing shelves, because I doubt he'll take in a "freeloader". I'm going to hopefully retire when I'm 60. I won't have a pension, but I'm sure he'll understand that I won't be able to work anymore.


>Every boy is afraid of his father being aggressive towards him for not doing anything with his life and for still staying at home.
That's implying he did anything with his life and didn't move out until he was middle-aged himself.


I think part of it is the fact that I didn't really give a shit about school when I was younger, I think if I had given a shit I would've come out a more well rounded person, and maybe I would've been able to get into an elite college on a scholarship so I could get a job that actually engages me.

I just got fired from my job at Walmart, the job took so much out of me emotionally that sometimes I just did nothing instead of working so they fired me for that. I think if they had asked me if there was anything in my personal life that was causing me to behave that way it would've helped me avoid termination, because I would've felt emotionally supported


>how did you become NEET not hikikomori silly!!
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I got bored with school and schoolwork pretty fast yet I couldnt do anything about it until I turned 18, which was when i dropped out and never looked back.


Started highschool, hated it, I would often not go to school from 12 yrs old onwards, would have dropped out if I wasn't scared of my parents pressure, and thinking they might get punished by the government for negligence or whatever etc.

At 16/17 I finally quit, did work experience/volunteering for a while here and there lightly, then ceased to do that also..becoming full neet.
though I do plan to make money somehow eventually and to move out...
I could have gone into more depth obv, but that's basically it.


Drug addiction landed me in the hospital. Quit my job to get rid of the stress that made me so addicted in the first place and never looked back.
It has been about 6-7 years now. I've reached the point of social isolation that I become fearful at the thought of going to a store to buy something and being seen or interacted with by others.
At least I'm not a drug user anymore, so there's that at least.