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how did you become NEET? No.3027

What is your NEET story?


admin loves and spoils me :3


College dropout, and I'm lazy and afraid of the world
I wish I wasn't, because eventually I'll suffer more


you really should try as it gets harder and harder and eventually you cannot find joy in the outer world but your inner world is just depression.


dropped out once, graduated and then couldn't find a job. feels bad falling back into old habits.


School was a living nightmare and I dropped out. To be honest, i'm happier being a NEET.


Try anon or stop regretting it because it never gets better.


Smooth transition out of high school. Its depressing at times but overall isn't too bad and I'd like to move in the future.


failed college after 2 months at 18 then been a NEET ever since. Life's good making bacon bagels and an ice cold coca cola in the morning and playing neptunia games on the PC or PS4.
As i don't wish to ever change


Depression. It's that simple.


The NEET who can enjoy themselves with games etc is truly living life.
I don't enjoy a single thing.

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at some point i stopped going out less and less, this became a frequent theme with me.
i made no active choice along the way yet did lean into somewhat established niche subcultures via imageboards.
now i protect it, i feel its something worth trying to gatekeep all the while not taking it too serious,
>Tfw /comfy/
aspire to be comfy


how did yoy become NEET not hikikomori silly!!
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