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do you eat your veggies? No.3037

anon loves veggies


this anon will eat them if they get cooked correctly. Sadly this anon cannot cook them. I have gone years without veggies before.

if I shopped for myself I would never buy them it seems like a hassle.
maybe some frozen veggies to throw in a pot or wsomething with the meat??


you can throw frozen in the microwave and it steams nicely


Yes but I do not see why I would do this.
I do not mind adding them to a suacepan or a stew with meat.


With rice.


This anon had a rice cooker that provided his daily veggies and rice.
All veggies are nice.


Yep, seasoned asparagus and brussel sprouts in the oven can't go wrong. I like to eat salads, carrots, broccoli, and potatoes as well.


Sometimes I love lettuce, sometimes I hate it
The only thing I can't eat are beans, I end up throwing up every time


I bet you are a very special person that deserves to be loved. You are probably loved without knowing it <3


Oh thank you darling! <3


i know i have to eat the veggies but i do not want to eat the veggies. most i'll try for veggies is like...lettuce and that's it.




i'm a britfag, i don't have these


lettuce is salad not even a veggie.
I eat the veggies if someone else cooks them but what a waste of time. who wants to bother cooking these things.
is this how you eat your veggies anon?


>most i'll try for veggies is like...lettuce and that's it.
It's something! You might like veggies with some kinda dip?