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anyone else ghost everyone? No.3042

If I can entertain myself I can go years without talking to a single person but I get bored and do desire a friend so I try to make a friend online.

The more I get to know someone the more I find talking to them draining and just knowing they expect me to talk to them gives me stress.

If I have no one I talk to I can sleep whenever I want or not even go on my pc for days at a time without knowing I am tied down by a relationship and that feels nice.

I meet people and they will think I am really kino and want to talk to me a lot but I can never hang around so I simply vanish.

Do you do this anon?
This anon just feels so done with talking with people again so is deciding they will wait a day and if they do not feel different will ghost the only person they talk to.
I am borderline not that it should matter (#^-^#)




That sounds really selfish of you but then again in my experience I have to make the effort for online friendships otherwise they'll just ghost me. I guess it's just a matter of who goes quiet first with basic manners being the only thing keeping people responding.


I do, I find myself getting along better with strangers in general. The closer I get to someone the further I tend to drift away from the relationship. I suppose I have commitment issues.

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for me, it's kinda like a bell curve, in the very beginning ill respond quickly and interact, everything is novel.
at the peak of the curve, things start getting dry, if they don't bring up a subject I'm enthusiastic about, or they're not entertaining in some way, shape, or form, ill just start responding to them every 3 days or so.
if it's a notification on discord where it's red and popping out, ill open it to remove the annoyance, and maybe ill respond to them.


it looks like you already know how your bpd acts. like you're aware of it. so maybe you should try to stay alone, and not involve with anyone if you already know that you are going to ghost them. you don't want to hurt other people. maybe you will feel lonely and all. it will hurt but at least you're reducing the damage i guess.


I ghost everyone


this, people are genuine issues and i don't get how people (women, especially) depend on others. call me a contrarian or something but everyone, literally everyone, in my life has been a detriment to me in some way.


Only once, a whole month, no one cared, I'm not sure if that even counts
I'm just boring so no one is missing out on anything


>sounds selfish
I feel as if I am suffocating in a box when I talk to people in the end and have to take time to myself.
Strangers are the best.
Making a friend seems to function in a different way for me as I just love to get to know people but just like reading a book you get bored eventually I guess and find it stressful to force yourself to reread it over and over again so stop reading?
Yes I am BPD and I have done DBT.
I actually tell these people at the start that I will ghost them and ask them if they wish to continue.
Funny thing is that for the people who I have ignored my urges to ghost I have found they only seek to harm me anyway.
I met one anon and tried so hard with him talking every day to keep him company and fought against my urges only to get attacked and ghosted myself which was a relief.

Is there anything wrong with being upfront that I will just move on? I am not made for relationships and now that my books have arrived I have better things to do than talk to people who really just want my attention because they feel lonely.
Who is the selfish one really? I give my time to people and enjoy their perspective and move on as I say I will in the start.
These people often just want to talk with me because they do not have any friends and I always encourage them to meet better people as I am a limited time deal.

Given that I tell everyone
>hi anon if you want to be my friend you need to be aware I will vanish... is that ok with you?
Am I really selfish? I have seen people online I have been friends with looking for me around the internet after I have moved on so maybe it is unfair to even talk to people.

I feel suffocated when I talk with people and want to ghost them so it is hardly fair on me!


>I am borderline not that it should matter (#^-^#)
haha lol


I don't even think it has to do with being borderline. Most people who are borderline ghost people after idoliizng someone and quickly moving onto another person.

I meet someone and talk with them slowly learning about them and lose interest in nearly every case.
Day 2 of no contact with only person I talk with.
I feel I should tell them I will likely ghost them (they already know as I told them at the start).
I feel much better not talking to them and it is not that I dislike them I just do more entertaining things like reading instead.


And are you sure you haven’t been detrimental to theirs?


>anyone else ghost everyone?
Yes, almost. Depression and not using social media seems very effective.


Yep, I'm not maintaining relationships with anyone right now over the internet and the times I do don't last very long. I feel "safer" in isolation. I think a big part of it is the freedom I have to do what I want when I want which I feel as though I wouldn't have if I was locked in relationships with people.

I'm kind of eccentric for most people and in the past I've dealt with being cast out of groups for different reasons, so it is a fear of mine whenever I find people to talk to. I'm usually very anxious about not sending people off by saying "wrong" things, so I've previously curated myself. Not anymore though.

Anonymous FOREVER


A lot of freedom when you are totally isolated! decided it was best to ghost the person I was talking to.

You can just read books instead of talking to people.
Hope you can find some friends if you ever want them but I guess some people are just not meant to have any friends.


its funny because it its probably the reason you cant form meaningful connections with others


yes, since i distance myself as far as possible as i can from them, and they still force their way into my life. if they can't deal with me existing then they should just fuck off


and they do, marvelous


has everyone become shit to talk to or is it just me?


pretty sure people still talk to each others, its probably the inside of your brain


I cannot even talk to people anymore or it is intensely suffocating.
I cannot stand talking to another person.
I had always been like this but could just casual talk with people when really bored and had nothing to do sometimes but cannot even do that now.

what even is this? I feel it in my gut this horrible feeling that won't go away


haha lol get help retard


I felt like this when I would browse 4/g/ and 4/a/ ages ago. Running Gentoo, going for walks while I waited for my browser or desktop environment to recompile. I hated being around other people.


>all this
idk man, people are cool in theory but in practice they bore me and are predictable.


I am actually getting a lot of help and none of it helps.
Relate to this.
I can tolerate here and maybe I could even try have proper conversations in threads here if they were to happen but on chan it is all too fast and so much pressure.

Does it get better? I used to be able to stand being social, now however. Even social workers that come try help me end up triggering this panic feeling


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I've temporarily ghosted many dear friends. In the majority of times, it wasn't out of malice but rather anxiety to message the person after a long time.


I can't stop ghosting people. I'll talk to people once in a while when I'm bored for about a day or two and then ghost them forever. I don't know why I am like this, but the idea of closeness gives me anxiety.


initially yea, but after a while being stuck alone with your own thoughts is draining, if those thoughts are mostly negative that is.


i ghosted everyone i knew and then regretted it 6 months later


I ghost people when they do/say something wrong or they irritate me. I don't regret it because if they were good people they wouldn't annoy me.