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what are you reading/watching atm No.3100

tell me how you distract yourself from wanting to die!!


sleep. you can't want anything when you're asleep


Nothing interesting, gaming, watching some vids, and browsing crap are the only things I do, it's not so fun anymore


gaming and anime are usually the first to go. You quit being able to game as the effort isn ot worth the "reward" and then at most if you can even watch anime you don't actually enjoy it.

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>how do you distract yourself?
i have one device play movies or a playlist of videos, now on my other device i play either an audiobook some anime as i shitpost.


how does reading audio books go? I like reading and wondering if it is worth it.
I like to see the words tbh and go at my own pace. I like reaidng the phonetics in my head and stuff.. maybe for stories audio book would be good?
im dumbass what do I know


I listen to audiobooks sometimes while walking. I find that for lighter reading they're good, but for more serious literature/philosophy you want (or at least I want) to have a physical book. If your attention lapses for a moment you can lose the thread of a whole paragraph. In print that's fine, just go read over the part you didn't get again, but that doesn't work as well with an audiobook.


Makes sense!
Listening to an audiobook of serious philosophy is a meme I tell you.

For stories without too much artistic merit beyond plot it makes a lot of sense to simply listen to them.

I just read a book in one go earlier and I did not really enjoy it at all but thank god I am a NEET as it was no waste of time as I would have surely wasted my time doing anything else.


I blame myself for not enjoying gaming, it's probably because I haven't tried some other games, when I do it's fun for a while
I usually can't watch anime for some reason, except for some movies, I think it's because some anime is a bit slow


gaming is really shit and once the magic is gone it is just gone.
Anime is usually shit and after watching anything good which can be done fairly quickly there is nothing worth watching but moe.

have you read manga? sadly it is very easy to read anything good in manga but will take a year.
I moved onto novels and it is working out.


>How does reading audio books go
it helps me digest the info and i like to hear how others pronounce words
i get to caught up shitposting or watching animu to play vidya


I have only read manga once, I had fun, I forgot about it and I didn't want to reread everything just to remember where I left off


you should read punpun at least once.
so many other good manga as well


Recently started watching the VHS spooky shit on YT (Walten Files, Harmony and Horror, Squimpus, etc.) and yeah, while it's horror, i'm still finding it enjoyable.


I bump this thread to get rid of the chris-chan thread. Hope the admin will delete bully-lolcow-threads.


Started watching Legends of The Galactic Heroes yesterday. I'm not very far in but i can say for certain i think im gonna love it. other than that i am playing through SevTech Ages atm
trying my hand at the magic mods and building a castle as my house. messed up the proportions unfortunately so it just looks like one big block of cobble, I want a chisel so i can start adding some details and i want a better pick so i can mine faster but i need to get past these damn magic mods first...


readfag anon here and still reading 2 novels a day :( don't even know if I enjoy reading and have only enjoyed one book so far.
anon please try to finish it as I have dropped it a few times even though it is amazing!
you sound fun!!!


I watched the walten files, I think it's more sad than scary, and it's oddly cute at times
That might just be me


Yeah, it's not that scary to me.


currently reading Infinite Jest, only about 30 pages in but thoroughly enjoying it thus far


binging MLP for the 5th, or 8th time (I lost track)









readfag anon here. I was reading the entire time I was awake killing a few novels daily or more. This lasted a month or two. I am unable to read or enjoy anything.

laying in bed.
harsh noise blasting
sleep or self harm for something to do
nothing enjoyable for years and years

what do niow?


>harsh noise blasting
understand the feeling.
start your own novel