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Hobbies No.3133

What are you doing today to waste the day?


Recently, i've just been doodling random shit in IbispaintX. Either that or playing vidya.


I drink


i write php scripts


Wasted msot the day napping and trying to DL a book to read.
I am waiting for books to arrive and it is killing me.


I usually just watch Youtube videos. Most of the time they're technology/science themed, but I also like watching video games.
I should be studying programming considering how useful it'd be for me, but I've been putting it off longer than I'd like to admit.


this anon read two books today and is feeling sor of proud.
maybe try get a routine where you spend an hour a day working on this?


I wrote what I actually do on another thread, hehehehe, but I'll talk about what I want to do
I want to draw sometimes but I don't like being seen doing it, I'll get called childish, I don't like using my pc for that because it's annoying
I doubt a phone would let me draw anything
Some time ago I enjoyed walking outside, now I feel too ashamed to go outside for other than buying what's necessary


finsihed reading a book and started another one but read a good bit and don't like it.
will go back to sleep idk.. fuck it all


Go on walks, read some manga from time to time, maybe some vidya, draw, and a whole lot of internet.