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The NEEtles greatest hits No.3172

♬♫We all live in a dimly lit screen♬♫
♬♫A dimly lit screen- A dimly lit screen♬♫
And our friends are all bored-
they shitpost on this board
♬♫We all live in a dimly lit screen♬♫
♬♫A dimly lit screen- A dimly lit screen♬♫
NEET's doing as they please-
eating doritos and wishing to not longer breathe


I laughed, thanks.


someone make a cover of this pls.
great post btw




Love where your head's at! Here are two constructive criticisms:

1) don't rhyme bored with board. how bout: "The wagecucks are super bored, but they tell us, it's it's own reward"

2) please and breathe don't rhyme. change maybe the last two lines to: "We are NEETs and we're doing as we please, pirating TV and sailing the high seas."

Incels have a pretty big music scene. Why not NEETs? Here is a free copy of FL Studio, available for a limited time:


not a cover i just took the lyrics but it was pretty fun

neet audio quality aswell


First good thing anyone has posted to the internet.


>Incels have a pretty big music scene
Do we really? I had no idea. Do we have incel concerts, incel nightclubs, incel music festivals?



Negative XP's "Scott Pilgrim vs the world ruined a generation of women" is my personal favorite incelcore song, but "white girls fuck dogs" is also pretty catchy


this shit is so embarrassing lol. also this is not, go back


Escaping incels is impossible. They think they own the entire internet, they'll basically barge into anywhere like "this is an incel forum now uwu gib me pussi pls"


You do realize the vast majority of society regards incels and NEETs as pretty much the same tier of person, right?

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Embarrassing? Can you make a catchier song than this?


kek this is pretty good


yes I can.


who cares what they think, this is unrelated to what I said. This is a website for neets, not for incels. So don’t expect most of the people here to be incels because you’d be wrong.


Also hang yourself CP spammer. unironically.


You have no idea how many neets there are and how wide range of people they are.