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how has your year been? No.3181

here is some miserable music anyway


It hasn't been too good. Was in a homeless facility for 2 months.


did you gain from it anon?


One big déjà vu. Am I alive? Are you?


I don't even know what anything is and when I try think it does no help


Strange. In the beginning it was miserable because I was in a place doing something I absolutely didn't want. Luckily I got out of that pit but I can't get back the lost time unfortunately.
Right around now things are pretty relaxing. I've been playing a bit of Yume Nikki and the experience has been surreal to say the least. I'm getting into exercising at night again so that's something good.


good tunes good drink and some smokes while i browse, it doesnt even matter if im unable to divine what's what. after all i enjoy myself as long as i dont strain my mind.
yet funny bit is i can still recall every bit of Internet lore.
mindlessness is mindfulness.


With housing assistance and NEETbux I am finally moving into an apartment next month.


>housing assistence
>meet bux
Same here. Way to go!


been okay, i guess
i finally learned how to cook but all i can make so far is french toast, proper instant ramen with a pot instead of a microwave and that one time i made an omelette but that time didn't go so well
huge improvement from last year anyway


Yay! Anon is happy for you!


We made it anon... we made it




the 2 social circles I'm in are choosing to follow the coronavirus laws so I was unable to socialise outside and meet new people. It was so boring. Also I'm recovering from health issues and I'm much better than I was 1 year ago.