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should i take the hikki pill No.326

should i take the hikki pill? i'm so tired of having to deal with people and the world in general tbh. i just want to shut myself in my room indefinitely and watch anime all day, once my parents die and i have no source of income i'll just do what every parasite does and die along with my host


why not


I did it 2 years ago.
I don't know if it was a good choice or not, its just something that naturally happened. If you can't stand going outside, interacting with people and can do it without your parents forcing you to go out then do it.


you should at least try it anon.
it made me feel relieved and happy for some months but I took it as a break from the beginning. it happens naturally, you feel the despair coming and then you embrace it. i'd say become a parasite for as long as you need to .
it's hard to find the motivation to do things again after that so be careful


if you are asking, the answer is probably no.


i just wanna be a qt shota ;~;


too late


i like to go for walks so i cant be a hikki


/night walks/ are most enjoyable