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Why are so many imageboards such shit? They're either too slow or too fast. The users can be dumber than a box of rocks or the kind of angsty do-nothings that don't like anything gets posted at all. Too boring or too stupid but never any fun. They're all garbage these days.


What kind of person are those boards meant for in 2021?


that looks very comfy


Imagine the smell


>Why are so many imageboards such shit?
Who cares? This one is lovely!


youre just old and wanna relieve a time where things were acceptable for you instead of being a old person without any hope


You’re lovely, anon!




shutup cunt


shutting up doesnt change reality, you might wanna simulate old times through a screen but the zeitgeist its gone, adapt and overcome or curl up and die


You got to find your people man while you still can.






There was one unique imageboard image I remember visiting earlier this year, it only allowed posting for one hour twice a day.

Once in the morning, once in the evening and every reopening of the board began with a fresh new slate -- no threads or posts saved (there was only one thread anyway).

That was the most unique imageboard I've seen yet. Would like to go back but I lost the url and I'm pretty sure they want to keep it tight-knit.


whar kind of content did they post?




There’s another board similar in concept that has nothing to do with the imageboard community located at gossips.cafe.


How active is that place? I checked it and there is only one person other than me but it's early afternoon in my timezone so it might get busier later on


I don’t use it or /tea/. It’s obvious the people there are doing something with their lives.


Yeah they always be so, the only reason for people coming on this kind of trashy discussion board is feeling lonliness and wanting for their dose of oxytocin while doing the less effort possible, say shitposting. But that seems there is no activity anymore on this one, so I just speak in the wind.




Keep that to yourself.


Imageboards are in a strange spot right now and they are kind of in a sink or swim spot also. Link and userbase rot threaten the medium as a whole from becoming one of those niche software things that the people who grew up with it still use like it actual BBSs and gopher.

Imageboards have a bizarre dichotomy where there are small communities of certain "types" that use the same handful of boards that that "type" frequents. They are less political than they used to be, though some pockets of (usually extremist or unorthodox) political thought remain here and there. Though, most boards these days usually have social media rejects that usually are "trolls" who say things they want to but anonymously or identify with taking pride in being a loser. You also get:
>angsty do-nothings that don't like anything gets posted at all
who are usually bitter (sometimes wannabe) oldfags or people in or around r9k.
You might have a point, but there are plenty of people who simulate old times through a screen. There are people who religiously play ancient MMOs still, both officially run or private servers. Imageboards just felt the march of time much more harshly than most.
> the zeitgeist its gone, adapt and overcome or curl up and die
Is true though.
/tea/ has both normal people who are doing things and mentally ill shut-ins, I think it's the only place where I have seem the peacefully coexist.
Extremely slow boards have "waves" of activity. Cheer up.


>/tea/ has both normal people who are doing things and mentally ill shut-ins, I think it's the only place where I have seem the peacefully coexist.

it depends from person to person, for me tea is shit, and its very strange that I don't mind this place.. maybe only because it didn't ban me yet and even modern neet discords and shit I've seen weren't THAT bad.
When there were less boards back in day, I had to use shut-in meme to find people that I like online. Times changed and those are unusable for anything but laughs and stalking now, but with age its easier to make something you like from almost scratch so i'm doing it instead. You can't rely on newfags. they will just cliq it up instead of leaving it all in online place.


>imageboards such shit

It seems conversations require continuity
Not even sure what the measure is, as the bedrock of an imageboard is supposed to be wasting time.
Anything else seems to be a delusion


What are you making?


imageboards are the best for "hot takes" and after you have been around them enough you either read all there is worth hearing since opinions are basically repeated or you stop caring.

Actual conversations while anonymous that are not weekly/monthly require you to use shitchan and that is a whole lot of effort given how garbage nearly everyone is.


Shit of course


I think to finally quit imageboards is to admit that high quality information you must gather yourself; that people will rarely give it for free, and if they do, it OUGHT to come with doubts because they're naive enough to share such valuable insights