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Have any of you actually tried before? No.3268

I have done everything the shrinks suggest and worked hard at it and going above and beyond. For example my shrink told me to watch anime and force myself to watch the whole episode or series as I struggle enjoying anything and I did that and started reading books and all for nothing.

I think some people are just unable to enjoy life for reasons that go beyond anything you can alter consciously and if you are naturally cynical and unable to indulge in delusional optimism like thinking you will be happy once you get a new phone or whatever then you are unlikely to find therapy to be helpful.

I had tried to even be social and gone outside to make friends but never even enjoyed it so I went back to my room.
Have you tried in life? so many people just want a GF/BF but I could not even imagine having the energy for a relationship and I am better off totally alone it seems anyway.


I'm a failed normie/current robot. There is nothing for me in this current world.