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I want to talk to people No.3278

I only have one (online) friend. I want to talk to other people, but I'm too shy to join discord servers and trying to meet people through imageboards is pretty much a joke. I'm really sad all the time and I don't do much besides watching anime and masturbating.


I like to think there’s more people out there I could not only get along with but also be friends with even though it’s probably not true.


Yeah, I'm just waiting to meet the right people, but I highly doubt that's going to happen at this point.


What is that you want to talk about?
If it's usually nothing then most wouldn't want to talk with you regardless
I know that so well, I only talk to one guy because he tolerates me, trying to talk to others doesn't work

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if you can drink (alcohol) or use light drugs then you can most definetely fit into some shitty IRL gathering that drinks and does drugs.


>trying to meet people through imageboards is pretty much a joke.
Anon enjoys it. What's your point? The anonymity? I'm [classified] from Germany, nice to meet you, fellow NEET. Wanna be friends?







I don't talk to people anymore. I always get attacked or harassed because others view me as not important or boring.
That is part of their programming.
I have a soul and I'm one of the Sons of God.
So of course the soulless golems will try to seek me out and attack me. But I know that they're nothing/losers and they're only here for me to learn that. They serve no useful purpose and they'll just be deleted when they die. I hope all the golems malfunction and die soon.

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I have had less interest in the world in my mind. In that world I am very social and like. I'm done with that now. If God gives me my own island in Heaven, then I might populate it with being that'd be kind to me, although I doubt I'd interact with them at first until I've seen that they're incapable of treating me poorly, then I'd be more comfortable and social around them. Although I don't think people can change who they truly are/become/grow up to be. I doubt I'd even be social on my own island with beings that are programmed to be nice. I'd probably just sit on the beach forever. That's not so bad. Hope to die soon.


As I get older friendship does not mean too much anymore. People are too much into themselves. People have friends only if it benefits themselves. it is very rare to find a honest good person.

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pov if you're a mormon:


True friends are incredibly rare to come by, especially in this time. You shouldn't expect to gain any longtime companionship after your teenage years. Even then, most of them will move too far away over time, and you'll lose touch.

The more you can condition yourself to appreciate solitude, the more power you will have generally. There's a cliche that says something along the lines of "whoever cares less has more power." This is true. If you go beyond NEETism into hikikomori and accept it with a calm resolve, you can eventually turn it into a social super power. If you genuinely do not give a fuck whether people in some social situation like you or not, you will gain a great deal of respect from people as long as you don't behave in a completely obnoxious, antisocial manner.

The only question at that point is whether you'll still want anything to do with anyone. You probably won't




Based and correct.


>as long as you don’t behave in a completely obnoxious, antisocial manner