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I want to talk to people No.3278

I only have one (online) friend. I want to talk to other people, but I'm too shy to join discord servers and trying to meet people through imageboards is pretty much a joke. I'm really sad all the time and I don't do much besides watching anime and masturbating.


I like to think there’s more people out there I could not only get along with but also be friends with even though it’s probably not true.


Yeah, I'm just waiting to meet the right people, but I highly doubt that's going to happen at this point.


What is that you want to talk about?
If it's usually nothing then most wouldn't want to talk with you regardless
I know that so well, I only talk to one guy because he tolerates me, trying to talk to others doesn't work

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if you can drink (alcohol) or use light drugs then you can most definetely fit into some shitty IRL gathering that drinks and does drugs.


>trying to meet people through imageboards is pretty much a joke.
Anon enjoys it. What's your point? The anonymity? I'm [classified] from Germany, nice to meet you, fellow NEET. Wanna be friends?