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How many of you draw? Is it possible to live off of maybe so I don't have to working?


>How many of you draw?
Well anon doesn't. Depression and stuff... And the lack of talent.
>Is it possible to live off of maybe so I don't have to working?
People do that, so yes, it's possible. Anon thinks that fetish/furry art is paid best.

Good luck anon!


I draw. Not as often as I should and not as well as I like but I do try and get some practice in and I try and form that habit of drawing more often. Even though I don't have the skill, stamina, or speed to make full manga it's nice to make some of the characters I would want to see but don't find. The knight girl that wins fights and doesn't get raped, the older lady that isn't a whore, the older sister that is actually calm and not lewd for a change, things like that. I definitely draw a lot of thicc, busty, and tall girls, I do enjoy me some lady meat.
Right now I'm working on a birthday drawing for a friend but after that I'll finish designing an older sister character I'm working on.
Sometimes I commission artists for the things I want to see that are out of my skill level or when I'm working on another drawing.
My drawings are normally for myself. I feel better keeping it all private or between a select few friends that way nobody can shit on it or something. I've thought about making a deviantart account in the past until I realized I would just humiliate myself.


>Is it possible to live off of maybe so I don't have to working?
I regret that I forgot to answer this. You could certainly try but your profits will likely only be as high as your skill level and rely on you delivering to a lot of customers and possibly charging a lot. You might have to draw a lot depending on your expenses.


>Anon thinks that fetish/furry art is paid best.
This is true, but don't do it just to get money. You'll face a lot of competition from people who are not only more technically skilled than you, but also genuinely like that fetish/furry stuff. If you draw stuff you don't actually care for, it will be obvious to your customers.

>I've thought about making a deviantart account in the past until I realized I would just humiliate myself.
You shouldn't be afraid of that! There's a lot of reasons not to post your art anywhere, but fear of humiliation isn't one of them. At worst, someone will leave negative feedback on one of your pictures, which you can ignore if it doesn't contain any advice you can use. At best, you'll get motivation by making a couple fans and meet friends with similar art goals to you.
There's nothing wrong with keeping your work private (it's what I do), but the positives of having an account somewhere outweigh the negatives IMO.


I draw but it's more like doodles that I draw for shits and giggles, I don't really care about "GETTING GUD" at drawing, i just draw because i feel like it. Sometimes in MSPaint, sometimes in Ibis. But over the years where I used to have a deviantART (yes, i was that kid), i've definitely improved.


Could you post some art here? The place is small and I'm sure most of us won't laugh or anything.

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Anon didn't draw for a very long time and never used a graphic tablet. Always paper or canvases... Or whatever was around. As anon mentioned above, he lacks talent but who cares. - It was fun. This thread is really inspiring and makes me want to get creative again. Guess I have to visit the art store soon.

Also, I'd love to see anons artpieces too!


I wish I could draw. I wish I had gotten lessons for something I actually like instead of piano. There are so many art styles to experiment with even just looking at anitwitter. You don’t have to be super talented, just practiced enough and more importantly inspired to fill a unique niche and you’ve cornered the market. Even low-fi digital art has fans. It would be fun to be an artist living almost anywhere. If I was rich, I would be commissioning left and right.




/neet/ is awesome! <3