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Living in The Past No.3317

I "officially" became a neet a few years ago although I basically functioned as one starting when I was in 10th grade. Its starting to really hit me that I live in the past. I use IRC instead of Discord, I torrent stuff instead of streaming it, I buy physical manga, I watch older anime, I enjoy older otaku culture. While I have realized this for awhile now it is just starting to hit me that I have basically no one similar to me in anyway. Back years ago I could hop on IRC and download some warez. Now there's only a few active servers and about a dozen active channels. My self-isolation has kept me stuck in my own little world for years, similar to a time capsule and I didn't have to face this reality until very recently I was searching online for something that I thought would be easy to find. My self-isolation had kept me cooped up for so long and so out of touch that I pretty much was convinced that it was '08 and finding a torrent for this semi niche thing would be easy.

I know this is more of a blogpost/rant than anything but I was curious of others could relate. To end this thread off with a question so it generates some value, do you keep yourself in the past too? I assume many neets do given how neetdom and otaku is culture is dying in the west.


I disagree with the notion that western otaku culture is dying. Frankly I think it's bigger and more accessible than ever especially with the death of fansubs. cr*nchyroll is large enough to run ads in times square now.

The change I've noticed is that there's no stigma around it anymore. The Japanese still understand that being an anime otaku is intrinsically shameful. In comparison westerners are eager to tell everyone what they watch and masturbate to like furries or stormfags. hence all the norms with hentai clothing and hentai podcasts. It's just tactless.


>do you keep yourself in the past too?
I guess I do but I have been so out of touch with society and even online that I don't fit into anywhere and i'm finally accepting that it is fine to be entirely isolated in a big way. I obviously still have ties to my fellow NEET hence I check this IB.
I do tend to browse old sites and really wish that people had old net culture but sadly that will never be again.

What is there to gain from talking to others really beyond feeling heard and understood? accept that will never be the case outside of a few individuals and let go of the past.
These are more ironic weebs but you are right they can be technically otaku I do not see them as such though.


That's just aging


There's nothing wrong with pirating and having stuff locally or purchasing physical manga if you have the space for it especially when the world is as unpredictable as it is as we've seen with Covid.

Ever since 2008 when I got my own desktop, I've always wanted a dream machine. Except mine would be stuck with Windows XP and be decorated with OS-tans. I bought the motherboard and CPU in 2019, but I don't think I'll ever have the money as a NEET to build it.


I've felt like older stuff, especially the internet, is probably better and I'm very sad I've missed out on it and I'm very sad it's lost to time because of normalfags who took it over.
That said, I'm too lazy to go back to the past, I just cut out things I don't like now and stick to all of that. There's just a lot of wanting for older times involved.




>I do tend to browse old sites and really wish that people had old net culture but sadly that will never be again.
We are the only Generation in the history of mankind that was lucky enough to experience that particular net culture phenomenon. It might be over since the web 2.0, but will live on in our hearts.