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How comfy is your neet room? No.34

What does your neet room look like? Is it comfy?

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I can't even articulate.


It's really messy and smelly


it's really boring. i don't know how to make it more comfy. it's just a futon, 2 desks pushed into an L, a bunch of shelves.


it is always dark thus viewed only through imagination. blankets over the blinds over the windows. this is the comfiest level possible


kinda messy but besides that it's pretty comfy


you have quite the can collection but they dont seem to be leaking so the mouse is safe, looks sturdy and comfy well done anon


my whole apartment is a neet room, i only have a computer desk and chair, in my bedroom i have my bed and a bookshelf with my collection of cool & antique books as well as my classical music tapes and CDs. Also on top of it is an old portable CD player with a pair of speakers until I get my real 10 disk changer from home. Next to the bookshelf is a 1980s swivel chair that I sit in while listening to my music and looking out the window. My kitchen has more electronics than it has food in it. I might post a pic but i am wary of the feds and the CIA niggers


CD player and stuff


my entire apartment is a bit junkie and I talk about cleaning everyday but then I spend all my time on my laptop or phone or likely masturbating. I'll clean tomorrow.


That looks awesome. Mind telling me the city?

Here's my battlestation. I found the big monitor, the speakers, and one of the chairs next to a dumpster.


> Mind telling me the city?

New York


We got small town NEETs and big city NEETs!


My whole apartment looks like a mixture of a Temple, a dumpster and a workshop.


What kind of projects do you work on?


I tend to worj in everything at the same time. Mostly taking care of my plants, right now i plan to produce Clones Form my Aloe vera because it became way too big for a pot that i could fit in the room without the risk of injury. Now there are 8 more pots on the window shelf... guess I'm a hoarder. Other projects are mostly getting myself motivated to make music, but that's been a while now. Same for the electronic stuff. I have the parts for an analog synth on my desk and sofa... For months now.


But also cozy and nice.


Comfy bump


I'm this anon. This is my new gaming room.




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I did!


My room is extremely comfy and well done, Table, 3 monitors, Sofa between the desktop setup and my bed so bed one side and sofa on the other side of the desktop setup, RTX 3080ti
Ryzen 9 5900x Other PC which is my 4K 55 inch tv, With my sony 2003 receiver and my 300w speakers and pc setup and table RX 6800xt asus tuf and Ryzen 7 3700x

How i afford this? I worked my ass off before i became a neet 2 years ago, Ive worked a total of 6 years and one college year

Invest in crypto and also enjoy gaming, Buying more tapestries around the apartment

Its a goverment housing apartment for those who cannot work, Im too self conscious about my nose after years of bullying and also i tried so hard to fit into society then i fell but ive done my part, I quit the job at my bday and got welfare, if not i would have commited suicide by now, I was going to jump infront of a train but welfare saved me from suicide, Now i try to be comfy inside and feel less suicidal, yes the thought of missing out is sad but i try to think less off it,Then i have my ps3 and xbox 360 which i sometimes enjoy, The ps3 has jailbreak so i can enjoy Gameboy emulators and stuff, I dont use it much for piracy as i aleredy got a stack of cds, I just want emulators on my tv xD Then theres my cat i got around 4 months ago, He didnt have a home so i feel my life purpose now is to keep him alive and me, I dont drink as heavily as i used to anymore and eat alot of veggies now, Pizza is for when my friend comes by and we either play videogames or enjoy a movie or go fishing, I now have BDD and its hell, it makes me incapacitated after years of bullying, I cant believe i pulled off 6 years of working on BDD
anxiety adhd and being a sperg.


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>sage exists for a reason, my NEETs, it's considered polite.


Good one man


my house is full of my grandparents' furniture and most rooms are for my parents' extra stuff. when im not on my computer i mostly just bother my pets or think about life while lying down.


I LDAR, Play my 600+ videogames or pet my cat, Porn is boring and hentai is boring too, I want to Just watch mario tonight



its gonna be rlly comfy pretty soon. Ordered a retro crt tv and a ps2 with a bunch of games.