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For those who don't live alone No.3428

How do you deal with people, do you spend a lot of time alone?
Do they get mad at you?
Do you want to change your situation?
I'm sorry if this is a touchy subject but I'm curious


I live with my parents. They've pretty much given up and just let me be. My mom sometimes tries to force me outside and "be healthy" but every time she says that, she gives up after 1-2 weeks then never brings it up again until some random time then the cycle happens again. Dad meanwhile doesn't give a single fuck, he just lets it happen. I don't mind very much though. I'm much happier being a NEET anyway.


I live under my parents’ roof as well.


My situation is weird, I feel bad but too afraid of everything to do anything about it, maybe I'm lazy
I have to keep the house presentable, my room is a little messy but he doesn't mind
My dad cares sometimes, he tells me not to use the phone so much, rarely he'd tell me to do "this or that with my life" "get it together", besides that he never complains
We get along well, he's a bit of an alcoholic, but only the weekends, it's ok I think
I'm not able to use the pc so much because then he feels alone and might get a bit mad
I also lose track of time often so I have to hurry to make things look ok
I'm 22 if that matters
Sometimes I want to disappear, he'd feel better with enough time, probably
It's harder to deal with the people outside, I don't talk to anyone irl, besides shopping but that doesn't count
Unrelated but we aren't rich or anything, the only reason I can even use the internet everyday is because I live near free wifi, otherwise I'd have probably gone crazy by now
Sorry for the long paragraph, I usually have nothing to say


I have a terrible relationship with my mother whom I live with, I try my best to adjust my living schedule to limit my contact with her. Ironically, I am probably the one who is likelier get angry/irritable at her than the other way around. Yes, things just gets worse over time and I feel like I'm reaching my breaking point. I would be content with this neet lifestyle if only I could afford to live on my own.


I was kicked out of my parents house in 2014 ever since then i have been homeless and have been moving around and have lied in 3 different homes with other people.


yea i live with my parents and younger siblings.
ive stooped lower than i thought i could, i do not leave my room for any reason, the only time i get something to eat is at 4am when i know everybody is asleep, fuck i dont even use our own toilet if i can avoid it.


>i do not leave my room for any reason, the only time i get something to eat is at 4am when i know everybody is asleep
I wish I could do this at least once
I don't deserve what I get, which is affection and being treated ok


>How do you deal with people, do you spend a lot of time alone?
I try to avoid them and stay in my room as much as I can. They leave notes bitching about me on the kitchen bench so I even dislike leaving my room ro see them
>Do they get mad at you?
They do if I talk to them beyond asking if they like the weather
>Do you want to change your situation?
I do and don't.. if I was on m own again I would just drink myself to death which is what I want but know is not good for me


yeah mostly all the time.
Mother understands my mental illness so she doesn't bother at all.
No not really im happy and content the way i am.
it's k everyone gets curious from time too time


Are you happy?