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Is there a manga dealing with the hikikomori phenomenon in a realistic way? I mean, no romance and all that bullshit (I also accept books and movies)


Ressentiment is unrealistic but a good manga.


Welcome To The NHK the original light novel.


It wouldn't be very interesting, right?, it would be the protagonist thinking to himself most of the time and doing a few things depending on the kind of person he is, or how he became a hikki
I think that's why such a thing might not exist


My main motivation for consuming any media is to grow with the characters, see how they learned


Not really OP there are not any good hikki manga I have read and I have read probably all of them with that tag translated. She doesn't know why she lives anymore, is good depression manga for a while. My lesbian experience with lonliness is a good manga for being mentally broken and it is partly NEET.

Maybe try reading novels instead? I love anime and manga when it is good but so much of it is bad and there are many many more good books out there to read.
consumed this in every form and the manga and the book and anime are not even good for representing being hikikomori.
Just my opinion and it may be controversial.