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Godammit i just want to runaway with my schizobuxx and live in a studio apartment live like a hiki!!
i don't give a fuck about the consequences i just want to be alone


What's stopping you?


terry had it good. he had disability pay - so he was basically set for life/retired - and he could spend his whole day walking around in a relatively safe neighborhood and stream all day and talk about God all day.
But I was born into a shithole, surrounded by the worst demons.
I can't collect disability because I'm too stoic/scary irl.
God is being pretty shitty. Hopefully He starts being a good god soon.


God is the most detestable character in all fiction.


You can't be a hikki if you're alone. Who's gonna go buy groceries and do the chores? That's just called living alone.


cant you buy groceries online? and chores aren't that hard or maybe you can live alone and just not do chores so you can watch your loser dungeon slowly degrade into shit

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God is a fag (which is why he keeps treating you like shit) but disability pay is one of the highest forms of NEETdom. The only things better are Bitcoin NEETs and lottery winner NEETs. LeanFIRE NEETs still had to work and inheritance NEETs had to lose a loved one.


>He doesn't know about grocery delivery and robot vacuum cleaners in 2022
For fuck's sake man, what the hell are you all doing with your lives?
Besides, if I order an absolutely autistic amount of pizza and/or chicken, I don't wanna fucking hear any bitching about how I can't do this. I have the resources, I have the fridge space, gib tendies nao.