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Autistic withdrawal and suffering from that No.3499

Hi guys, I need your help.

I am not entirely a hikki because sometime I have to go outdoor to breathe a bit else I just feel really bad, but I have severe social anxiety that made me really unconfortable just walking in the street so I preferably choose to go outdoor in very early hours when it is night, in order to avoid people.

I have no connection to people anymore, I have a family but because of my mental condition I don't talk to them anymore despite the fact I like them. Probably I feel some shame to be this kind of person, and make suffering my family in this way, but I am deeply autistic and there is some things that unfortunately I can't control.

And for years I just totally withdraw with society and nobody call me back to the real world, I am totally alone, and it is very strange when i come in this kind of place because that reminds me that my world is not the real world, this is a really strange feeling.

I suffer from being alone but I am too afraid to leave this world in my head that I am alone in. Sometime I really wish it could possible to entertain some kind of realtionship with some nice and kind people but I know it will be hard if I just stay like I am today, I have to provide some kind of efforts but from where I am it seems really hard, I feel like I am so long from people that the distance between them and me could take three life to be cover.

Well, I don't have a particular reason to make this post, maybe I was thinking that if people read that they could help me with some advice or just some support or anything. To be honnest this is the first post I made since really long time and talking to true people put me in a strange state that I can't really control.

But anyway if some people recognize themselves in my little story maybe they could share their, that could be a good idea and I invite them to do.


>the distance between them and me could take three life to be cover
I like this. Thanks for sharing.


No tips OP I am similar I dont know how to improve or what that even means and I am drowning in life.

maybe you could try make friends in your local area? dare I say your cities subreddit may actually help by linking you with some people you can talk to online and possibly meet with with or something? who knows.


I have no tips because I'm in the exact same situation. I had almost no friends for my entire life, I am autistic and have severe social anxiety. I live with my parents but don't talk to them much. I leave my home only when it's important, like going to the doctor. For a long time I thought I was some kind of a sociopath because I am unable to feel any connection to other human beings. It would be nice to have friends but I'm not capable of maintaing any kind of relationship and I'm a weirdo and most of the time everyone wants to stay away from me. I wish there was something we could do. I am inherently different from others and I have accepted I will be lonely for my entire life. Good luck my friend.