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Problems masturbating No.3520

it seems that my depression has caused not only my sex drive to tank, but also developed erectile dysfunction.
i cannot get hard anymore, or at least long enough for me to actually feel something. Have you dealed with this before? Is there any gooe for me now? Pls comment






You should try to plug something into your asshole in order to stimulate your prostate gland. That maybe could allow you to feel something again.


Are you regularly making a bit of physical exercise ? If you don't it is not surprising that your sexdrive is low. And the food you eat can affect it too, try to eat less junk food, more meat and vegetables. The problem is not only depression in my opinion, but the whole lifestyle.


I don't smoke, and actually get a constant supply of protein and plant fiber, the only issue would be sunlight but that doesn't really answer much


I don't care


I thought that was a fleshlight in her hand.


How about just not masturbating or viewing erotic content???
Just observe the arousal instead. Turn it into an objective experience.
Also there have been reports about erectile dysfunction after vaxx.




just find good cp on tor