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how do you deal with the lack of affection? No.3552

i want someone to cares about me, feel protected and the sweetness of a hug so badly
i can't stop thinking about it...


I do what I can to cope.


I ignore it, like all of my other problems :|


I like to save pictures of anime girls being affectionate with the viewer, getting used to the lonliness, avoiding normalfags bragging about "muh gee-eff" which is kind of hard since they're everywhere and every topic on any place they're on devolves into "muh gf", and a daki to hug at night. Asmr feels kind of nice too. It's even better if you can listen to it in bed.
Obviously I want le gf too, connection is a human need for all but the rarest of people, but that's not really a possibility for me and even if I did have one I would probably be worse off given how women are when a guy isn't 100% perfect. Of course, an incestuous relationship with a loving older sister would be preferable.


tysm anon! this is really helpful


I am lucky enough not to care at all about being loved or physically touched.
Life must be hell for people who do.

Why don't you just get a friend online or something like that? I have no friends but years ago I did and it was fun even with the right person.


friends don't help much, most people have their own normal lives and such, busy all day, etc
Unrelated but I don't think I want to be touched


Life is really shit when you are alone. I am an autist who spend his whole teenage apart from the group, never trying to intgrate the group, and just drop school at 16 for being a hiki. so know I don't know anything about how I am supposed to live my life. I'd like to meet an empathic girl who understand me(at list try) and is okay to learn me a bit how I am supposed to live, and care about me and feel compassionate about how it is shit and pain to be me. But unforunately I have social phobia and I am too much ashamed about myself to determine myself to make the effort to find such a person, despite the fact I believe it probably exist somewhere in this big city... sorry if my english is bad it is not my main langage and i am not used to practice it.