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Mental Issues No.3581

Why is your life like this? do you have any mental illnesses that you think contributed to your outcome.
I ask bc I've Been wondering recently why my life turned out this way and i think its bc of my adhd but i have no evidence. maybe i was born lazy and unmotivated, i wish i could turn back time


Yeah I think most of us have some mental disability


I have avoidant personality disorder from having a narc dad.


Autism is one hell of a drug. Not helping was the depression during high school.


I will never get diagnosed, too expensive probably, and I don't want what little self steem I have to be crushed if someone finds out I am fucked up


>the depression during high school
Are you doing better now? I also had a major depressive episode during high school. I started avoiding people and I ended up completely alone for almost 4 years. I have friends now and honestly, despite all my problems, I am happy. All I need are some people that care about me to be fine.


A bit better. Better than when I was in school to say the least.


I like to pretend depression isn't real


I've always been a very depressive person, not a single pure happiness moment in my entire childhood I can think of, even if I have never been much of a pessimist or anything of that matter.
Weird thing is that my parents always talked to me, never were overly protective nor cold towards me and enouraged me to talk, but for some reason I always ended up having existencial crises and moments where I just wished I had never existed.
They worsened, and put all my projects to a grinding halt, now I can barely do anything without extreme mental and physical exhaustion, even eating and going to the bathroom for any reason became too troublesome to do regularly

chances are I have autism tho. No normal, productive member of society gets to my age without having a single night out or friends to speak of, but then again I'm all but productive


Bipolar sociopathy and major depression


I think all of us do, you can't end up as a NEET without severe mental illness. (Unemployed normies not included)


>Statement x is true only if statement y is true. The cases where x is true while y is false are not included in the domain of cases we're analyzing


∀(x, y)∈D, x = y
D = {(x ,y)∈X×Y: x = y}

kind of a redundant statement


Too bad that doesn’t count as a disability.


No I was talking about the type of NEETs on imageboards


i was diagnosed with BPD and put on SSI. might be autistic because my sister is. but i'm pretty damn upset because i just burned a hole in my plastic fucking sink at my apartment after trying to smoke a cigarette. just hoping i won't have to pay for it when i move out


I was diagnosed with autism at an early age but my parents never told me until I turned 18. They were withholding the fact that I'm essentially brain damaged and will never function like a normal human being. But now I know why I'm so fucked up. It isn't even my fault. It's just an unfortunate roll of the genetic dice.


I have 9 mental disorders diagnosed and it helps make being a NEET easy because BUX but who the hell would want a life so compromised. FYI I think I may just be over diagnosed who cares about labels anyway lol.

I relate to this too much Remiu poster... I was always glum without making it my things as in it was just normal. never related to emo kids or any of that growing up. never grew up.

it is all too hard friends <3


sometimes i go to ask for antidepressants recipe from a doctor friend


It’s good to have a doctor friend.


>having friends
Haha, must be nice


I have dysphoria, adhd and autism, that caused severe depression and social anxiety