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Feeling happy so far i have my own income after years of clinical depression. No.3623

well you see is that i now work at charity food
warehouse.And all i do is put 1 piece of paper
onto a box and place two samples on top of
each other. Repeat the same thing all day for
30 hours a day and it's very slow paced and
relaxing. The people there are very friendly.
I do however get paid a decent amount.
It has been a couple of months and i have been saving up and want to buy an expensive computer parts. So far i have a couple of grands saved up and have bought along with other things. So yeah thats all i wanted to share about how this job is helping me out


How do I get a job like that? Sounds comfy.


>30 hours a day


sorry about that lmao
i meant 30 hours a week with 6 hour shift per day

well it's mainly from a company that helps people with disabilities get jobs. So since i had a disability they accepted me and got me into jobs that were easy while paying a good amount at the same time