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i was a happy kid with a bright future. i never imagined i would turn into this. i didn't even think it was physically possible for me to stoop this low. i wish i could go back it time and not make all the retarded mistakes i made, just delete the save file and start again. sadly life has no restart button, you can only quit the game


we live through this ordeal together anon


why would you ever want to even restart in this absolute no-hope world
if there is an afterlife, i swear with every bit of my spirit i'd claw my way to whatever god forced this fate of existence upon me and make him bleed


As a kid I remember thinking that I would never become some loser guy


Find peace in the meaninglessness of existence.


Same. I also used to be very judgemental. I try to take it as a lesson.


Past life is best life. Internet is pure shit since 2005. Well except meet.more/meet I hate that normie filled net full of stupidity and underage-tier jokes.

t. 35+ NEET



I'm drunk, sorry.


I don’t want to gaslight you, but consider the possibility that you’re overestimating your past chances at being fulfilled.


Sounds like a fun night, anon <3

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Can't remember. :3


Is it just me or anyone else think that even if they had a chance to reset nothing much will change because things are already fucked up from the beginning?
I don't think I was really happy at any point of my life. All my life had been losses after losses after losses and I had always avoided seeking relationships with other and just existed. I feel like I am destined to be a NEET because there is simply no other outcome there can be but to end this way. Even if I took a reset and start over, I don't think I will ever change. I'm still a pussy.

Maybe a reset will work only if I stop being a pussy but I need to work on that in the present, not in the past.


It’s not a tragedy if there was never a chance things could have turned out well.