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Rejected no matter where I go No.3649

I can't seem to find a place anywhere, not in normal society not in niche neet circles, the only question left is where do I go? where can I find a place where I won't be wished to leave if I don't act like someone else,

I hate this how do I make it stop, I just want to be intimate with someone or want to have someone who cares about me


Saw this on wizchan


That place may or may not exist.


who cares about fitting in. Just enjoy your own company. Best thing about being a NEET is unlimited snoozes


Me neither anon. I used to "belong" somewhere but I soon realized it was all a ploy, an illusion. They were too different, and I was always overlooked and promptly ignored.
People like us are destined to wander aimlessly for the rest of internet's existence, even if we stay alone together once a loner always a loner. I've been there and I can tell you can't shake off the feeling.


say on wichan drop a discord I OBSESS over people I will do anything for someone I care fore.


>I used to "belong" somewhere but I soon realized it was all a ploy, an illusion. They were too different, and I was always overlooked and promptly ignored
Not him but I realised this too, except that sometimes I don't want to be alone, I just want to find the people I get along with, they would understand if I want to be alone at times


do you reject yourself too?


fuck off stacy


fuck on stacy


The problem with communities is by and large everyone is just meming together to alleviate whatever burden being social helps with. You really just need to find that one person who is your twin flame and love them in the truest way possible but even this will only leave you hurt and more broken than before.

I think a large problem for us types who are POST-NEET identity as in already been NEET for years and congregated with others "like us" is that we are so far seperated from even the subculture that we alienate the world and thus ourselves.

OP when you quit looking but still have your tendrils grasping at possible oppurtunities you may well come across a group you fit in with. I say this as I isolate I cannot be bothered with interacting it is all too hard and yet I wish it were not so.
fuck off incel. mean posting is not welcome here this is not


hi stacy


tfw no sex for 3 months


Not him but if you unironically use the word "incel" your opinions on anything probably aren't worth considering.


What should he use instead?


its hopeless


being human is the worst


i want to hug op


i'm like op and i want to hug both of you.

we developed an avoidance mindset towards others so when we finally put ourselves out there in society we feel lonely not because we don't want to talk to others but because we cannot relate to each other. the worst part is that we cannot find people like us even online because we developed the same avoidance mechanism here, so we post anonymously.


okay im gonna throw a hug party and you and op are invited. and we can also kill the loneliness demons.


>longing for a group to submit to


Carlin is a literal retard effeminate shitter. His advice is worse than the advice of homeless people.


honestly i kinda want to be your friend but i know thats probably a terrible idea because im really bad at friendship


kochira koso


It’s pretty fun watching people react to doing stuff they don’t want to do even if you have to do it too.


I wanted to say that this is honestly my favorite thread on this site.

I've been contemplating the value of using forums like this recently. Or, trying to decide if there is any value... If the point is to feel connected and less alienated, then the fact that communities like this actually make me feel more alienated is counterintuitive to that... I do wonder if any other people feel the same way and only visit places like this out of a compulsion and longing for something that they can't really find. Or something. But i'm just saying nonsense.

Well, whatever.


I just gave up on talking to people. No matter who they are or what platform they're on, they'll always be a cancerous demon.
Hopefully God will send me a REAL friend.
But He won't.
I'll be alone and shat on forever.
It's in the nature of the golems to exploit others. Never smile at anyone, because they'll just hurt you.
Always have an angry/annoyed look on your face to prevent others from trying something.
99% of those that exist, or have existed, are soulless golem demons, just like God said.


Good post


Sometimes I feel like I fit in somewhere then I don't
It's a loop
At least I can feel good a little bit


I've found it very helpful to detach from the notion that I 'belong' anywhere. Unfortunately I'm not a NEET anymore. I was a severe hikikomori from ages 15 to 23. God, do I miss that time of my life.

Spending life having to go do some pointless shit from 8-5 every day surrounded by the dumbest, pettiest, socially-manipulative normies is insufferable. I don't belong among them. They can spend all their time fruitlessly jockeying for social status and money. I avoid as much conversation and conflict as I can. None of it is worth interrupting my peace at home; those short periods I get when I get to live at least a little like I used to.

I'm too functional to get autismbux. I just wish I could win the lottery or something, but I'm not dumb enough to waste money on tickets. Having to wake up for this shit every day is so exhausting.


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