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Another night without sleep. Another day without purpose. But: Hedonism is a fun way to cope isn't it?... Is it even still hedonism if it's no longer any fun? If nothing is more than distraction from the self devouring thoughts that fill the void in your heart and mind? I want a hug, but I can't stand it. I can't stand myself atm. I still love you, anon. That's something, right?


It is, and it's valuable. It's just an image but take this hug. I hope it comforts you to some degree.
As for me... I dunno... I get used to it. I'm autistic enough to find joy in dumb and childish things like simple junk food and media. I'm a bottom feeder but I'm living in the only ways that are available to me and to expect anything more of someone like me is unreasonable. This might have sounded negative but take comfort in the fact that you've found a way to get by in life and are doing so. You've met the goal of all creatures and that's to survive and it's even better if you feel some amount of happiness while doing so. If you're doing that then you shouldn't be rough on yourself even if others are. Whether people are around you or aren't it's important to always be your own friend.


>take this hug. I hope it comforts you to some degree.
Thank you Anon, it actually did.

>As for me... I dunno... I get used to it. I'm autistic enough to find joy in dumb and childish things like simple junk food and media.
That's me! But add alcoholism to the mix.

>I'm a bottom feeder but I'm living in the only ways that are available to me and to expect anything more of someone like me is unreasonable.
You're a beautiful person.

>it's important to always be your own friend.


whores still reproduce




I think I stayed up for at least 72 hours last weekend! Mostly freetarded programming and later cleaning up the galley in my dungeon. The flies were starting to piss me off.
I used several strategically timed shots of Coffee and Red Bull to boost myself when the shinigami of sleep tried to tempt me, on Monday I eventually slept but not without a massive build up of lactic acid in my hands and legs, I'm still feeling the effects when I woke up and my legs contracted savagely.
Anyway guys what's the longest time you've ever stayed up?
I need a hug too, bro. That's the best kind of magic.


Hug granted!


Thanks anon, I hope you're doing well.

^__^.jpg (60.16 KiB, 547x763) google saucenao

well i feel good now! thanks anon.


I wish I could say the same for me.


What have they done to you?


Betrayed and wronged me in everything. My parents abused me, and when I tried to end it all the shrinks locked me up and tortured me. Their idea of 'treatment' is more like penalization in nature. They have scarred me inside and out ignoring and refusing to see my suffering. They are only adding to my motives for wanting to commit suicide. I still wake up to nightmares about being dragged from my bed and locked up in their concentration camp. Just last recently the head nurse who was a complete asshole showed up and threatened me to clean and tidy my kitchen or he would call the police. Naturally I have been deprived of my voice and liberties after my time in the joint and when I tried to justify my emotional suffering he saw this as an opportunity to belittle me even further, condescending the fact that to him it was no surprise I had no friends. I seriously considered committing suicide to escape a whole wave of new torture.
There you have it, a dark secret behind a seemingly innocent weekend of productivity.


Sorry that you had to go through all of this. Sounds pretty fucked up to me, and i hope you don't decide to anhero. Is there no safe spot avaliable to inhabit for you?


That's horrible.


I have absolutely no where to go, I have heard nothing from my friends all year, I became a hikikomori in 2018 to escape stigmatization from the outside world, only to be stigmatized further by the corrupt legal and mental "health" system of my country. and family is not an option, I have lost virtually all my human rights and anything I say is ignored or dismissed because of so-called mental illness. I'm trying my best to survive and there are a minority of genuinely good people who actually want to help mainly the non-medical types who supply my stocks and maintain my dungeon but their passages have been severely limited recently, Also the nursing agency is corrupt and dishonest, and many of the nurses have been negligent, but of course no-one listens to me. A part of me hopes for a better life, another part of me fears that this is impossible. in all cases, if I should commit suicide I want you to remember me and that psychiatry killed me.

iktf.png (49.5 KiB, 1111x1024) google saucenao

Don't anhero, anon will miss you! Anon's social life is almost zero already... and you might remember that you have at least one fren in here.

10.jpg (172.13 KiB, 1024x538) google saucenao

Thanks anon, Normally I will be resupplied on Monday, and I will talk about my nightmares to them and hopefully she can convince the corrupt bureaucrats to get the nurses changed or removed (preferably removed) Though I seriously doubt they will listen to her either because of her position on a bullshit hierarchy.


Keeping my fingers crossed, anon! Is a nurse around at the moment?


They come every morning and every evening, though I have seen cases where they walk in scribble in their log book and leave without even acknowledging my existence even after I tried to get their attention, I have to lock the kitchen because they have a nasty history of leaving the front door open and I cannot allow my cat to escape. Ever since last week's incident the periods waiting for them to come are filled with dread.


That's kafkaesque. The horror!


What's worse is that I have to maintain a stoic facade or they could incarcerate me just for showing how I feel about my situation. I think that many psychiatrists should be in the Hague on trial for crimes against humanity and executed. Ironically the Internet is the only place I can freely express my misery and hopelessness. The way I have been treated by those supposed to "help" me have only reinforced the taboo and stigma about talking about suicide to the extent that I use my ad blocker to block crisis hotlines since I am so disgusted about how they operate. I call them the SWAT yourself hotlines. Sadly there is a bit of dark truth in the euphemism as a guy who called one such hotline was murdered by the SWAT. The Shrink forced on me is a complete asshole and a pretentious fuckwad, he says I should be grateful for all the abuse I have suffered at his hands and the hands of others, no wonder I stopped answering the phone. Ironically he is also a computer technician and only goes to reinforce the stereotype that people in IT have no social skills. But like you said I am literally living a nightmare which I cannot wake up from. I seriously doubt that I will ever recover from this. Even thinking about the outside world opens up old traumas. Even a Japanese rental sister would have trouble getting me to even open a window, now, let alone take me out for a coffee.
This classic song from my childhood speaks to me even more in it's french translation.
Many people consider the European mental health system to be better than those of other nations, but it still relies on coercion, intimidation and fear tactics and thus is very dehumanizing and barbaric.


>The Shrink forced on me is a complete asshole and a pretentious fuckwad, he says I should be grateful for all the abuse I have suffered at his hands and the hands of others

That's peak cynical, but anon met a few shrinks that are just that certain kind of asshole. - might be because their shrinkery is 80% bs and they know. And they know that you know, so they have to cope by playing the all knowing doctor who's never wrong by definition. This anon luckily could get rid of those, but that was a long process that took almost a year... you know capacities and such. You're kept in france, anon? Pan-european greetings from Germany!


Liebegrussen von belgien. Hopefully the hikki helpers can get the shrinks and nurses and corrupt layers off of my back and find someone to represent me in a court of appeals (i can't go in person for obvious reasons). I only hope the Belgian legal system is faster, but you only have to take one look at the palais de justice to see how fucked up the justice system is in belgium, even post-dutroux.


>Liebegrussen von belgien.
merci, compagnon d'infortune!
>Hopefully the hikki helpers can get the shrinks and nurses and corrupt layers off of my back and find someone to represent me in a court of appeals (i can't go in person for obvious reasons).
May the force be with you!

>even post-dutroux.
Anon remembers that case very well. A lot of mysterious deaths and even more bad jokes about Belgians.


Just woke up from another nightmare (or daymare since I am nocturnal) I dreamed that had a rookie hikki helper and that her boss came to say the nurses had called the cops. I often wish that someone like Misaki would appear to me in my dreams (or better, IRL!) and show the hubristic mental 'health' "professionals" exactly what and how they are doing everything wrong. I hope that one day psychiatrists and their flunkey stooges will realize that they cannot go on forever committing human rights abuses. If I lived in Japan I would have probably suffered harsher conditions due to more indiscriminate incarceration, however since the stigma is greater I'm sure more people would have tried to protect me, and there are also the rental sisters, something europe desperately needs if it has any chance in winning back the favor of hikikomori who have become disillusioned with or felt betrayed by society.


Not a single supportive and trustworthy person in your life?


This is pretty much the reason I don't deal with others anymore offline.It's all gaslighting and manipulating, coerce or command, never convince and so forth. I hate it. So I took the trash out, there was nothing left but me, and things improved drastically.


No one except the hikki helpers who supply my stocks. Even some people I consider to be my "friends" are denilaistic as fuck. I hope one day psychiatry will be seen for what it is a pseudo-scientific and dangerous enterprise and that denial of its abuses and defense of its practice will be dealt with the same penalty or worse as holocaust denial is dealt with in many European countries. I hope to see at least one shrink behind the dock utter the following words before he is escorted to the gallows
>Ich habe mich schon in mein schicksal ergeben

btw the nurse came just now, stoicism trick worked like a charm, if she only knew the hell her boss had put me through this week.

I am hoping the hikki helpers can use their friends and acquaintances to find me a friend or possibly even a gf if such an endeavor is even possible. we don't have enough Japanese people in this country and I'm sure my smurfy nature might appeal to them.

Another hikki sealing off a corrupt world of stigmatizing shrinks and biased normies, I understand you! *hugs*


Hi anon, got your supplies yet? How's the nurse-problem going? Got any news?
Liebe Grüße! :3


You gotta just throw them all out. Even if they could nominially be helpful, they are unreliable and therefore useless. Replace any needed functionality with services.


Yeah that's a thing you might do. Anon experienced that some of the helpers tried to fuck up anon and his relationship with his shrink. They wanted to be at his side while talking to his shrink. I forbid every contact and said that the stuff i say to my shrink is personal after they freaked out about meds. You could tell those helpers relief when i did so. they just don't want to lose their jobs i guess...


It went well, I explained my situation and are working on a solution, however the courts will be hard to convince without a video-conference I only hope they have enough self and mutual respect to use matrix. I hate how soyciety has become so dependent on Zoom.

I wish I could however the state thinks that people who try to anhero don't know whats best for them and that abuse and intimidation is beneficial into "healing" them. I won't be rid of those damned nurses and shrinks without the court of fucking appeals.

Shrink abuse is a global problem and the governments of the world turn a blind eye.
No wonder the short lived Incel political party aimed to abolish forced psychiatry and medication.
Los suicidos somos decheros y humanos. (spannish word play even if no abla espagnol)
I like this guy's arguments. I would add to them by saying,
>I do not regret my suicide attempts, I regret seeking help.


>It went well, I explained my situation and are working on a solution,
I am happy you had a fair chance to explain the situation sn what it affects you. To be honest i thought a lot about you this weekend. We kinda frens nao. :3

Good luck with the curt anon. I have a good feeling about this.


Thanks, anon, I have also contacted mindfreedom to ask for advice I need all the help I can get, on their sites I have seen similar cases to my own and felt shocked how the UN and supposedly democratic, peace-loving governments turning a blind eye to the torture and holocaust type conditions that go on in psychiatric jails. Like hitchens said about czechoslovakia during the cold war you cannot help mentioning Kafka. It's like having a constant feeling the Stasi are on your back listening and watching for the slightest step out of line to bring you down further.
I don't think anybody representing a free state can demonize regimes like North Korea, China and Russia without appearing as a hypocrite. Like when the USA complained about the USSR's suppression of dissidents (sometimes by psychiatry let us not forget) Khrushchev would respond "Yeah well you are lynching innocent negroes!"

If you need help fighting freudian tyranny these guys are the best crisis line you could have.

And lastly I will cite a few lines from one of my favorite bands. As a hikki you make me feel less alone.

>Ich geb' dir meine Zuneigung und meine Zeit
>Ich muß dich wiedersehen, wann ist es soweit?

>Du bist mir nah und doch so fern
>Ich ruf' dich an, ich hör' dich gern


>As a hikki you make me feel less alone.
You're not alone anon. There are people here that know your feel. Not being able to change your situation makes me sick and i really hope that you have at least some help now. Wishing you all the best man! That post may be a little cringy but i don't care. Keep it up anon, these shit can take some time and some effort but i believe in you anon. You're gonna make it. :3

dij.jpg (1.31 MiB, 1500x1500) google saucenao

gibe band/song link pls, lyrics seem awesome!


yeaaaa, you work dat mouf. dats what u do. lick dis dark meat boi. good boi.


Thanks anon, I've received word from a survivor of mind freedom who was touched by my words, I joked that if I was not so socially inept I probably would have been an orator. My brother, when we were still friends loved the rhetoric that fueled my rants, where as my mother did her best to silence them whenever she could, you can probably tell where she stands on the whole shrink debate.
Here you go. The clip is just a good.


Yay, i waited for your posting! Thanks for the link, much appreciated! :3


no problem desu!


I look awesome in 3D! :3
Anon thanks for this song, kinda slipped through before and i really like Kraftwerk. Have you seen their first bigger concert at the Rockpalast 1970? If not, please do, it has some nice yet weird 70s vibes.


Wunderbar! Ralf looks cool with a mullet! I miss the 70's aesthetic along with that of the 80's and 60's. If i had a time machine I would go back in time just to get a hippie gf or maybe the 50's to get a beatnik. I don't understand what normies see in foids post 2010s, excessive makeup, unnatural hair and fette lippen! It's as if they all fetishize and want to look like n*🅱️🅱️a hoes or something. I still have that 70's MIT AI lab hacker look (long hair, scruffy beard and mustache). Fortunately Japanese women have a more natural look and if one found me and was interested in me I would have a genuine reason to live aside programming.
Ironically Kraftwerk were kind of a hikikomori band, since if you wanted to call Kling-Klang studios you had to time it right because the phone was muted so they wouldn't be disturbed during recording and once a day Ralf or someone else would pick up the phone to see if anyone was calling and if not *tschak* back to the synths! another instance of hikki style correspondence was when coldplay asked if they could sample computerliebe and they received a terse but straightforward response:


On another note the nurses came today, thankfully it was one of the more sympathetic ones, Still deluded in thinking what her cynical and sadistic boss did was good for me, to which I responded "the end rarely justifies the means" and "Children who learn to devalue others can devalue anyone including their own parents." however the next time someone says that, i shall go full reducto-ad-absurdum retort, "In that case why don't you beat and bloody up your own kids when they misbehave? If you say that in the long term it's good for them then that justifies any kind of violence!"

Respect cannot be earned through fear and leaderships based on fear over respect tend to be less sustainable and are more likely to experience coups in the hierarchy.

Hopefully one day we will see the end of coercive and forces psychiatry. Even the UN and WHO is against it, but so-called free democratic governments prefer to REEE about Russia and autocratic regimes while failing to witness or acknowledge the unseen and unspoken holocaust that happens at home to the most vulnerable citizens.

They think pills would cure depression where as being hugged by a bishoujo does a lot more to motivate me when I'm down but also calms my tard rage when I sperg out and start yeeting stuff across the room. and I have friends to testify this, Ironically the guy who never hugs anyone prevented Armageddon in my dungeon using this method. do the shrinks even acknowledge this? No it's just meds, meds, meds. They are too filled with hubris to acknowledge anything their victim says, meds and more meds that's all they endorse.
Just because you claim to be a doctor doesn't mean 1 you can't be wrong. 2 you know better than your patient. I think the Hippocratic oath needs to be amended Do no harm and always respect the wishes of your patient; treat them with dignity and respect.

I'm sure I will be refused a vasectomy if I asked even if I presented my vehement antinatalist arguments and stating that if I wanted kids I would have already gone to the orphanage and adopted one. I think I might have to sterilize myself by ingesting hazardous chemicals, but I'm not sure what would cause a permanent effect while causing least collateral damage. Fuck! I wish I wasn't so hard on my brother for constantly trying to nut me in the balls.

If I was a licensed radiotherapist and was refused a vasectomy, I probably wouldn't need it anyway!


>I'm sure I will be refused a vasectomy if I asked even if I presented my vehement antinatalist arguments
Say that you dont want to risk passing your problems/illness on to your children their lifetime risk of developing it most likely is higher. Ya know genes and stuff... that's reasonable and easy normies can process easy short things better than complex thoughts. ^__^


Yeah I don't expect an educated stupid normie doctor to have an interest in philosophy.


Yeah Doctors can be strange... anon found some of the younger ones nicer to work with. Will you keep us updated on your situation? I'd love to read a happy ending one day!


I'll keep you guys posted.
I will regain my liberty or perish in the attempt!

When I feel demotivated I often listen to this melancholic playlist.

3d.jpg (79.58 KiB, 500x328) google saucenao

Godspeed, anon! I'll keep the tab with this thread open.


Me too, I wish that cosplayer was with me in my dungeon right now.


We are monks, anon!


Indeed we are...
>If you wan,t to be strong learn to enjoy being alone


>havent heard from my friends
>my friends
wait is this normie central now?
jesus christ


Normies generally have more than just 2 friends, bro.
Also they are both autistic rejects like myself.
It wouldn't surprise me if they had both committed suicide by now.
Fuck this planet, why do I even bother?


More than two friends? That sounds exhausting.


I know right and not even technical or interesting people but in general the most mundane boring types imaginable who haven't even seen Star Wars once.


*tips fedora*

soyuz-5.jpg (151.77 KiB, 1136x757) google saucenao

A bit of good news for a change. The sympathetic nurse I mentioned yesterday came this morning, although it's too early to assume let alone determine, I have a slight feeling that someone in the hierarchy realized that the boss crossed the line and they are trying to regain their image/trust which is not an easy task for anyone. Regaining a hikki's trust is a magnitude harder. Last thing any organization needs is a reputation shattering scandal, which will inevitably happen to the APA. with 1 in 5 Americans on meds and rising the fall of psychiatry is no longer a question of if but of when. So far I have not heard from mindfreedom since my last email. I have also heard another anon has been deprived of his economic freedom.


>good news for a change
I'm happe there's some movement into the right direction anon. Hope that you're lucky and everything wents faster as you and me expected from now on. Fingers crossed anon!


>I have also heard another anon has been deprived of his economic freedom.
Oops i missed that one.... what happened to him? Also good luck with those mindfreedom guys. Maybe they're busy..?


He didn't say much, just that the court forced a bastard on him that hoards his money from him after he tried to anhero with pills.
I referred him to mindfreedom, he'll need all the help he can get on the road to freedom.
Together we can defeat this threat to our liberty and human rights.


That's tough. Anon doesn't know anything about psychiatric laws in Belgium. I'm just kinda happy about those we have in germany. There are a few freak-cases like that poor guy Gustl Mollath in bavaria but those were because people had enemies in higher positions... the case was big in the news for a long time and shrinks still seem startled by it. ^__^


Indeed I have also been stripped of my economic freedom by a cynical judge who never even met me in person or had any direct contact with me. I's simply disgusting the amount of power accorded to these people for them to just go and abuse it.
Last time I tried to justify my position the judge was rude, condescending and refused to let me speak. He also has a double face since when he contacted me at the shrink jail he played a nice guy facade but still wouldn't hear my rationale that I had never been in debt and am perfectly capable of managing my finances.

I only hope I still have the right to appeal because in some corrupt jurisdictions they can even alienate that right from you.

As long as shrinks continue to have the power they do we will have loads of Gusti Mollaths in the years to come Along with millions of unacknowledged martyrs It's all to easy for these quacks to frame legitimate skepticism as irrational paranoia.

>There'll always be a happy hour
>For those with the money, voice and power
>They'll never realize the hurt
>They cause the men they treat like dirt


>frame legitimate skepticism as irrational paranoia
Normies don't see the world as it is or they have an agenda. Going to get drunk now. Have a nice day, hikkifrens!


I'll get buzzed with my umpteenth red bull. Been cleaning the dungeon, all that really remains is to disassemble the busted bedstead planned obsolescence knows no bounds!
Sadly the sympathetic nurse didn't come, the meh nurse that normally comes came who is literally.
>hello Mr. anon!
>*hands meds*
>have a nice day!
Personally I prefer even her to the no-iq nogs who don't even bother to acknowledge my presence or alert me to my presence.
I'm sure plenty of the bureaucrats in power have an agenda but obviously this is just an unproven hypothesis. Hopefully next week I will be able to at least make a start into legal research. I do not speak the arcane black speech of lawyers.
>Ash medzg durbatulûk, ash medzg gimbatul,
>ash medzg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.


So you're member of the F32.X club too? :3


> I will be able to at least make a start into legal research. I do not speak the arcane black speech of lawyers.
Oh you should. And get some law books too. Anons life changed drastically after knowing whats okay and what's not.


Also: is depression your thought crime?


depression and self yeet. I now insist on saying commit when referring to suicide since although it is technically legal it is still treated as if it were a crime.
However my depression is purely environmental, the meds don't do shit. if they really wanted to cure it they would be attacking the cause not the symptoms, it's like trying to cure a dental abscess with painkillers, you'll only end up with a ruined jaw by the end of it.
learning lawyerspeak is like trying to learn assembler, they redefine every word in the language. that's why BSD style license is only 2 clauses long because they are allergic to lawyers, GPL lawyers are OK though.


depression and self yeet. I now insist on saying commit when referring to suicide since although it is technically legal it is still treated as if it were a crime.
I agree on that. A better term for suicide is the german word "Freitod" anyways.

>However my depression is purely environmental, the meds don't do shit.
Bothing more to add. People freak out over animal hoarders but don't see the human hoarders that keep them in fucking megacities etc...i say that the ones that don't freak out are the problem.


>learning lawyerspeak is like trying to learn assembler, they redefine every word in the language.
You need an attorney that intimidates those against you.


No frickin' sh!t, but I doubt I could afford a Phoenix Wright on pro-bono terms.
All lawyers are assholes except when they are on your side!


Freitod, I like that term emphasis on Frei!
>Mein herz schreit, STIRB FREI!!


Yeah right? Kinda romantic. :3


Hell if I could afford a lawyer who talks like Putin I would be a walking lawsuit!!


I kinda thought it was too good to be true... we're back to brainlet and apathic nurses again
The one who came this evening still thought I was still on benzos, after telling her that it's been months since we stopped them (benzos have been linked to suicides) and signing her stupid docs she didn't even say goodbye to me.
For people who are so pro-life they aren't giving me many reasons to want to continue living, I think we should call people who identify as pro-life as pro suffering because that's what they are.
They regurgitate hopium fueled platitudes to people unsatisfied with their life and when these people try to anhero they make them suffer by punishing them under the divine illusion of so-called treatment. They literally couldn't care less if i was happy or sad, they only care about prolonging my meaningless existence for no reason whatsoever.
They would be the first to object if people like me started forcing females to get abortions, but this is the moral equivalent of forcing others to live when they don't want to.
We have birth control but no death control and ironically it's always someone else's control!


That sucks⁹⁰⁰¹, but thank you for the update.


Bad news: my router is starting to die, and without access to my bank account acquiring a replacement will be very hard, since I am saving for a terabyte disk that's what artificial austerity does to you! just to get a new server took about 4 or 5 months, the slavemaster really doesn't give two shits about my well-being economic or otherwise.


>and without access to my bank account acquiring a replacement will be very hard, since I am saving for a terabyte disk
Call that guy on monday morning. Access to ze interwebz is crucial.


Asshole won't even listen to me, even thinks its okay to call me stupid for trying to reclaim my liberty through paypal.
No one listens except the stock maids, but that is enough since I have them to thank for helping convincing dr. freudypants that benzos were a terrible idea!
I am also dreading next week where there will be this drumhead style meeting to mark the anniversary of my physical emancipation. Fortunately I have someone who can play devils advocate for me, in case my words are to fall on deaf ears, as has been the case so many times before! Not necessarily a lawyer per say, but someone who knows their legal shit and is more than willing to represent the devil pro-bono.
I hope that i can convince them that treatments proposed by the stock maids have been more beneficial such providing me with my cat who actually came to my dungeon before the server arrived despite having requested the server months before being offered the onekochan. Also my personal copium helps a lot, programming, meditation, masturbation and image-boards washed down with a healthy dose of George Carlin.


Managed to find a replacement router hiding in the dungeon. It would fizzle out even at moderate traffic, I also rebooted my server to YEET necessary bloated browser ram and my compiler zorches like a tachyon again after boot up.
I sometimes wish I could YEET unwanted ram from my head, or YEET myself for that matter
Still dreading the inquisition next week, if my luck gets any worse they'll probably be in my dungeon on Monday. Stoicism is the key to freedom or at least the means of flying under the radar.

Will keep you posted on what happens tomorrow. Sometimes I can understand how Satou feels when things go horribly wrong for him! Anyway thanks for all your support, you've helped me more with your understanding than those psychiatry quacks ever could!


> at least the means of flying under the radar.
Anon thinks that this is a good plan.

It is so damn important to communicate that shit with someone. I feel honored that you opened up and hopefully could get at least some things off your chest.

So monday it might be? Good luck anon, I'll be thinking of you.


>Will keep you posted on what happens tomorrow.
Good morning anon, any nurses yet? One of mine (actually social workers over here) will be here in about an hour.


Oh boy i wanna know how anons day was sooo bad!



Really hope anon is alright. :3





take a chill pill my dear friend, and wait for thy promised anon


B-but the world is dangerous! ;_;


Sorry for the long delay; I have received word from the Social Worker that is a sign for hope at least where the nurses are concerned. after a weekend of FUD, router failure and therapeutic distraxion involving caffeinated programming runs and philosophically funny George Carlin sketches, I had a few email correspondences today and I hope managed to convince her of the nurses incompetence and the medically unethical acts of the head nurse that was the straw that broke the camels back. Thanks to one of the people who are actively fighting for my freedom under the radar, I invoked my right to change a service provider and I think my one time correct use of latin helped too!
>Primum non nocere
I still have no idea about the fiscal fascist but I hope to convince her during the meeting about how my projects suffered last year because of it,
>The intranet languished last year as we have let all sorts of other projects languish due to this economic intervention, what kind of future do you expect for me, if we leave me disadvantaged, economically stagnant, unable to cope with society, resentful for the injustice served up to me, this is stupid!
>I'm not sure what a socialist is, but I believe that those involved have a responsibility to listen and care for my needs, I'm not talking about paternalism, I'm talking about giving me a sense of agency, there are plenty of people capable of doing that, they choose not to! They choose to ignore the elephant in the room, out of all the people involved only 3 have had an actual benefit for me, how have they been beneficial, they just spend more time listening to me. they care more about my problems then the rest of the people Involved, I think it's a disgrace!
See If you can spot the reference, Anon!


> I had a few email correspondences today and I hope managed to convince her of the nurses incompetence and the medically unethical acts of the head nurse that was the straw that broke the camels back.
Good luck, that would be nice!

>I invoked my right to change a service provider
Anon thinks that this is the key to get at least some freedom back. New people, new luck... anon still hopes that you get rid of all of that bs.

Have a nice day! Anon takes a nap now. :3


Hey friend how are you? Any news? *hugs*