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Random Stream for NEETs No.3842

constant content, NEETs have your other monitor going and have this playing as you chill there's a chat, and anon is enabled plus post from TOR, also server.


shit for children. i'd like to troll you there too, but don't want to waste too much of my time on bans.


Sounds kinda comfy. And anonymous. I'll give it a try!


>assuming existence of another monitor


feel free I allow anon posts and posting from TOR, so no sign-in is required.
thanks, the more anons the merrier.
Indeed, a bold assumption.
Well, I'm still going if I don't post here again by New Year's have a happy New Year.


bump, I have been a NEET since i dropped out of High School.
On a related note streaming Welcome to the NHK.
Also, that is a server link in the OP picture
Or check out this


not using discord and twitter, but enjoying your NHK stream.


I must have shit taste because I don't like anything there


thanks, im thinking about streaming paranoia agent soon.
>not using discord and twitter, but enjoying your NHK stream.
i started using discord in 201 when it became obvious it wasnt going anywhere, i avoid large servers. anyway, the point is ive met a few chill shitposters over the years and like to stay in contact thus the twitter.

you can add videos.


wizcord or neetcord?


is this still even up?


I'm curious how you spend your time!