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Future plans No.3855

How do you plan to survive once your parents die? I’ve seen a lot of people on r/neet saying they’ll commit suicide when that happens but that’s not realistic.


I wish I had the will to do that
I always have felt like something is missing
I don't know what I'll do


>that’s not realistic.
lol it is a reality for a lot of neets that have serious social problems that prevents them for getting a job or a way to have income, maybe they didn't finish school, have autism, don't have any connections, etc. whatever the reason is my point is that you shouldn't think that's not a reality for some people. Maybe it's not completely a plan for them but something that is highly likely to happen and they know it.

Anyways I'd probably leech of my normalfag brother while seriously trying to get a job. I'm sure I can get one even if its miserable or low wage. It'd be hard and scary but I think If the necessity for survival arises I'm sure I'll be capable of overcoming all my anxieties. This just came up to me but I feel like I would be like the hikikomori character from the NHK anime that got a delivery job before starving to death. I identified to that character the most when he mentioned reading tons of books and still not being able to go out because he was afraid.


kill myself lmao


> r/neet


>How do you plan to survive once your parents die?
Neetbux, but anon is most likely gonna kill himself right after, since his parents are the only ones he cares about. Worlds not worth living in tbh.


>but that’s not realistic.
wish you'd be right, but suicide isn't that rare among depressed neets.


when this >once your parents die
happens, ur usually old enough to not be a "neet"


Protip: Just imagine some people are too sick to work.

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Either get on NEETbux or roam the streets until I die of stravation, simple as that.
Having a job nowadays is the single most disrepectful thing that anybody could do to themselves and it's a shame that people have to go through with that just to survive.
It's evident to anyone who wasn't left completely brainwashed by the education system that jobs suck one way or another.
I'd rather live a short life, doing what I want rather then live a long life, surviving but never living as a human being.
It's not pleasant to think about but I've seen enough of this world to know that it's better to die standing then to be kneeling for the rest of my life.
My heart goes out to the unfortunate souls who have to endure this cruel system, who are chained to the ground, always wishing for the chance to fly with their wings fully spread out but never getting it, just like so many others.


Sometimes I wish I had been brainwashed too
My mind just treats me harshly, I'm too afraid and embarrased to deal with people
If only I could go on autopilot or something ridiculous like that


as one who had to give up their neetdom and now has a substantial amount of money, ive always toyed with the idea of housing fellow neets who have nowhere else to go. unfortunately, there is no way for it to end well and will probably be disastrous in the long run. partially because theres a huge gamble taking people in and partially because im very anti social and a shut in so after 2 days ill realize that i hate living with somebody


I would try to keep to myself, I can cook for myself, I don't talk to people, you wouldn't have to talk to me either
I could even do shopping if you are tired
Cleaning is just hard because I'm too slow
I'm not from the us so it's just wishful thinking, I wouldn't want to leave my country either
The only thing I'd need, besides food and warm showers is an internet connection


My dad might kick me out soon, honestly considering killing myself at this point. If I’m going to die on the streets anyway


gonna resort to whatever the uk equivalent of neetbux is. i'm willing to cook for myself but cleaning's probably going to be a rough time


No guests, no cleaning. :3


update: He’s calmed down now so I don’t think he’ll actually do it. I just hate how he uses it as an empty threat


Just end it then
He'll be happy


People are strange. Don't take em too seriously. Godspeed, anon.


update: he started doing it again. Btw I was adopted as an infant, I don’t know why I had to be so unlucky to be assigned to such a shitty person.

My mom is ok but he is just awful. Every conversation I have with him is strictly transactional. He’s a hardware engineer and hates his job so it causes him to be totally unforgiving and impossible to connect with.

I’m jealous of NEETs that say they have a good relationship with their parents, and that their parents are the only reason they haven’t offed themselves. To be honest if my father died next week I would only be sad that I could no longer leech off his income.


It could always be worse anon.
My mother was a psychopath who didn't permit me to see my father and seriously neglected me throughout my entire childhood.

The worst part is that everyone but my father sides with her, in spite of the torment she inflicted on me.
The only person i'm still in touch with is my father, but I don't have anyone else. all the others aren't family to me. I have no friends either

I kind of wish I was adopted. The chances of my foster parents being worse than my biological mother is virtually nihil.


I'm probably going to see if I can move in with my brother. I doubt he'll let me stay for free, so I'll probably have to try to find a shelfpacking job. I'll probably be in my late 40s or early 50s. Imagine that. I wish I wasn't born, but two retards thought it'd be fun to have a pet to show off. Hopefully God kills me soon.