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Every small imageboard I've been in that gets a big enough userbase always becomes a clique around the admins or a cult of personality and the behaviour of the users turns cultish, it goes beyond the lurk more rule and reading the mood to the point that if you say anything slightly against the popular opinions on the site you get shut down either by mods with a ban or the users protecting their collective ego insulting your opinion in a rude way. Lots of them have weird arbitrary rules which makes the place not fun and Ironically it turns into an echo chamber just like social media which a lot of these sites tend to hate.
I think this is because in my experience the average regular imageboard user has a big fragile ego that becomes undeservedly arrogant and haughty if you poke it. We all know getting into internet arguments is a waste of time but the anonymity allows people to present their opinions in the most simple and stupid way possible causing arguments instead of discussions. In the end a lot of these sites attract people that enjoy arguing for the sake of arguing in bad faith or being passive-aggresive.
Honestly, this is fine. I've accepted it and focus on having convos or mindless fun with the good anons that use these sites but I don't think there are many of them on small imageboards. I don't think there can be a real community in them unless you remove anonymity but this is fine too, otherwise you end up with a clique and other regular anons being left out.
Funnily enough I've been coming back to 4chan. Anons there are argumentative but they don't seem as uppity or arrogant and I find myself having fun or having decent convos more often there when I feel like visiting it. These are leisure entertainment websites and should be treated as such. Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time, remember to always have fun when posting. HNY neet.moe !


People are entertainment at best. I've given up hoping for anything better. There's no magical wonderland where everyone is an individual and groupthink is a folk tale.




Happy New Year!


I haven't. It makes me angry that I can't use a board without normalfags infecting every place possible. I have so few sites I can even enjoy anymore so I just put up youtube videos as background noise while I draw or read manga.


we did it neet! prepare your acceptance speech


just troll from tor while it lasts instead of befriending incels and zoomers on the internet

works for me


Finally! <3


Great post OP.


I just went through a ton of imageboards and it's all the same, everywhere
Same culture, same words used, myopic topics like politics, nations, coping mechanisms (videogames, tv, etc)
What's the deal with that?

neet.moe stands on its own in some regard, somehow, but maybe it's more of a fondness than anything else

maybe normalfags have always been there.
I can't imagine what this mythical forum looks like anyway - what would its purpose be?

If I look in myself, what I want imageboards to give me is some form of inspiration to act, or to connect me with people that would - just through anonymous texting - help in expanding my perceptions/interests/consciousness
I refuse to install discord


>myopic topics like politics, nations

Politics and nationshit is not very /cozy/


Not cozy at all!
I would like to add an asterisk to the coping mechanisms (videogames, tv)*

*Videogames, TV, anime - absolutely any of these topics and more not listed can yield interesting discussions, expand your mind

The issue is that people instead use them as... coping mechanisms, where they let it wash over them.
I would say there's but few deeply engaging with the content anymore.

Most have absolutely nothing passionate to say about how they spend the bulk of their time!
It's just tacked on to all of these communities,
all of these dead dolls, so you get the usual small talk questions.
Where are the people that analyze how Seinfeld is actually a delivery vehicle for coded messages?
What about videogames that could somehow integrate into your life? Studying gamification and applying it to reality? Or being the next mod on Dota 2?
I don't know.

/Consumer oriented/
No more active participants, even in their own lives


You put in words something that was at the back of my mind.