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Thoughts on loli & lolicon?
and, if you're able to answer the question above what're your thoughts on paedophiles & paedophilia?
pic somewhat related.


Lolicon -- Generally harmless.
Pedophiles -- There's two kinds of Pedophiles. The ones that fuck children, and the ones that don't. The former are criminals. The latter are fine. Thoughts aren't crimes.


My thoughts are weird, it's ok if they don't look 100% like humans
I won't comment on the later question


DFC for life


I don’t really have an issue with pedophiles


The proper term is MAP anon


Lolicons are just pedos in denial you weebs do realize that ロリコン is the Japanese word for pedophile/pedophilia right?


This i hate the word pedophile because of how negative it is and too many people think pedophile = rapist which is not always true.




If they are non-offending i don't care what their sexuality is.


Anon only loves 2D-loli. Real children are annoying and nasty little buggers.


I wish all kids would die


All men are attracted to tween and teenage girls if you deny this you're gay.


Loli and lolicon: Based. The superior fetish both in potential of the core concepts and in average execution in fictional media.

Pedophiles and pedophilia: While I most certainly do not approve of the act of pedophilia, one thing that I have never forgotten was a reddit post where a person vented about their attraction to children. They described it like it was a curse, they hated being attracted to children and they hated the way they were treated by any who knew and having to constantly suppress that part of themselves, never being able to truly embrace the sexual part of themselves like everyone else. It left me feeling terrible for that person and any who are cursed with this and constantly repress it and worried how many pedophiles are not just sick people but repressed people who couldn't keep up the struggle anymore. Needless to say, it added a bit of complication to the situation and left me hoping that these people could be helped in some way so this wouldn't be a problem for them but they still wouldn't go after children.

To discuss the opposition for loli, I would like to first post a link to a very relevant video with most points made in it being ones I agree with:
To oppose loli art is, in my opinion, not only unreasonably stupid but if such fools had their way it would very likely lead to horrible consequences that they never wanted. It would backfire terribly. While many like to say "loli is a gateway", that falls apart when scrutinized even slightly. Loli is not a gateway, if anything, it is a deterrent, a fix for those who need it but (obviously) cannot get it in real life. Simply put, the pedophiles who suppress their urges for the well-being of others and themselves are people too and they need something to satisfy or at least keep those urges at bay. If such suppressors of natural urges were to be eradicated what then would they have left? If they can't have fictional children to sate them what else is there? Real children. And obviously nobody wants real children getting raped, seduced, kidnapped, etc. So why suggest something that could lead to such terrible consequences? It makes no sense unless those consequences are the intention and if so then it's people attacking loli who deserve the scrutiny and anger.

Furthermore, the idea that loli art is a gateway really gives away how little faith the people saying these things have in people's ability to differentiate between fiction and reality and, if anything, signals that they themselves must have very little ability to do so. And if that's the case then it's more of a reason for such people to be completely disregarded on many matters that require such thought and scrutiny as this.

And one more point though it is perhaps slightly unrelated: if loli art leaves people concerned over pedophilia then why is shota not equally condemned? Any one male character in an anime can be a lolicon and people hate his guts, now more so than ever since so many people "like" anime. But when a female character is a lolicon or even a shotacon everyone is fine with it or even celebrates it. Just look at the popularity of Lucoa. She practically introduced countless posers to shotacon and for a while you couldn't escape that kink, it was everywhere. And nobody had a problem with it then, they just spammed their "ara ara neesan" memes over and over but only when the character in question is a male on a little girl then they pick up the "fbi open up" larp again. It screams out the blatant double standards for genders and how much women can get away with. I shouldn't continue further because it's getting off-topic but one last detail to further prove my point: see how many people comment "nice" when an attractive female pedophile rapes a little boy.

That said, that's all of the points I can think of to raise about loli at the moment. I'm only passionate about it because the dissent is stupid in every possible way lacking thought, experience, and even faith for the most basic of things in other people while also reflecting flaws in the person condemning it.

Also the "fbi open up" meme was funny when it wasn't used seriously, now it's just another one of those "stop liking what i don't like" type of memes, which are the opposite of what made the internet fun.


don't care about fictional stuff anymore, but children are still supreme porn.


Lolicon - They're fictional drawings, not actual children no matter how much Twitter screeches that it's the same. Still kinda fucked though.
Pedophilia - Those who act on their pedophilia and actually fuck kids? Yeah, they are fucking criminals. Those who don't? Still pretty fucked.


Lolicons are pedos dumbass it is literally the Japanese word for pedophile/pedophilia. Just because it is fiction doesn't mean you aren't a pedo that is a super mega cope. Also why do you care? If they haven't touched any real life kids who gives a fucking shit.


No need to be rude, anon.


don't you think i'm cute, anon?


it is weird


Personally, i don’t think it’s wrong to be attracted to lolis. Acting on a real life child is wrong.
Between 1800 and 2000 life expectancy at birth rose from about 30 years to a global average of 67 years - This a big thing when it comes to being naturally attracted to younger people. Toddlercon … umm I don’t know how it is attractive, since they always smell like pee but as long as you’re not acting on it in rl. IT probably helps so many people that have access to lolicon to keep them from acting out on their fantasies too.

I’m a 27yr F. I didn’t grow up in a good home and I have always sought out attention. I started masturbating at 7 and having sex at 14 but would have done it way sooner if I was given the chance. I watch lolicon to sometimes get off because I like thinking of how much I enjoyed it when I was younger. I’m still attracted to the same loli characters I had a crushes on in elementary/middle school.

I’m rambling at this point but my whole point is; it shouldn’t matter what you’re into as long as you are not acting out on it :3


>I’m a 27yr F. I didn’t grow up in a good home and I have always sought out attention. I started masturbating at 7 and having sex at 14




Women can't be NEETs especially sluts like you who started fucking at 14 and are just total attention whores. There is no such thing as a fucking Fembot or Femcel because all women either lose their virginity while still underage or directly right after they turn 18 and even if they do exist they are VERY RARE. Roasties like you are why /r9k/ went to shit around 2015/2016 and why every Robot/Incel/NEET community is full of attention whoring women now. GET THE FUCK OUT WHORE AND KILL YOURSELF YOU DO NOT BELONG HERE YOU DISGUSTING UGLY WHORE I HOPE A INCEL KILLS YOU.


When did this board became incel infested?


>life expectancy at birth rose from about 30 years to a global average of 67 years
That was because of the high rate of child mortality. People easily reached their 70s after surviving their childhood. But you're still right with the fact that girls married at like 14-16. No such thing like age of consent back then...


>When did this board became incel infested?

NEET boards have always had a large amount of incel/robot posters you newfag now get the fuck out you disgusting whore.


Calibrate your detectors, fren. And don't act like a jerk, just because you're on an imageboard. This ain't 4cancer.


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Op here, loli is based and red pilled as is pedophilia but the word has such a negative connotation and MAPs are cringe faggots.


> MAPs are cringe faggots.

Only Twitter Maps are.


I am convinced that the Twitter MAPS of today used to be on Tumblr too.


Anon would second that. Polite sage.



rather the company of actual pedophiles compared to incels like way above.

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>I’m a 27yr F
you sit upon a throne of lies anon


I like loli for a lot of the same reasons, I'm 25f. I was groomed by multiple old men and looking at it is kinda comforting. I have a really big fetish for size difference now too.. I self insert as the loli. I also began masturbating really early but I lost my virginity to an ojiisan


Lolicon isn't really bad in any sense, but I don't think being a lolicon or whatever is good. Porn addiction is extraordinarily unhealthy, and even hentai addiction is very unhealthy. I'm not anti-porn, but I'm also not pro-addiction.


I like masturbating to little anime girls. I don't care and don't need justification for that


no one was talking about addiction


Hello, ladies. It's rare to come across femanons who are open about these things so I have a few questions [you don't have to answer if it's too personal]:

- How did you react to these early sexual experiences?
Did you like it, did you internalize it and considered it a shameful thing to do, did you hate yourself for being sexually active, did you develop loli fetish because of these experiences, etc.?
- Did your early sexual experiences [and being in relationship with old men in case of the other anon] caused long lasting problems and influenced how you are and what you've become [NEET]?
- Do you regret having early sexual experiences and wish things were different?
- Do your parents know about any of this, and how did they react to your sexual experiences?

To the anon in >>4050, why did you go after old men [probably despite told not to] and how and when did you realize that you were being groomed by old men?

I hope things are better now.