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I've searched high and I have searched low No.3939

In need of some emotional support and optimism ..
this morning our dear admin realized he lost his phone somewhere in our chaotic home.. it's dead and I have been spending my entire day searching, with no luck :(

I think I may have to rally up a search party


hate it when that happens. it's probably under your mattress or in between a crack of your bed or some weird place like that.


I checked around and under the bed.. I even cleaned up and took off the sheets and pillow cases off.. I looked in every couch cushion. We even resorted to looking in the microwave at some point


Found my old tablet under the couch once after months of searching. Did you look behind the closets? Good luck! ;_; <3


Those little flat objects tend to fall from the table/couch/bed and slide under the next object that has even the slightest bit of room for it... They should return to 90s cellphone measurements =/


Eww, roleplay


H-has OP found bis phone?




No :(

He ordered a new one, but it's just so fucking weird and annoying. It always gets lost in the bed but never like this...
I searched for days. Honestly, made me feel so fucking useless that I couldn't find it.




Oh noes! Well anon bets the old phone will magically appear right in the moment OP receives his new one. Still weird...


>Honestly, made me feel so fucking useless that I couldn't find it.
Stop that. You're not useless. You're an amazing person, OP! <3


thanks fren :3


Oh come here...! *hugs you real tight*


Apparently a mouse found it's way into the kitchen so when they pulled the stove out they found Admin's missing phone! It's locked (thanks fucking apple) but it's satisfying to know what happened to it.

"I felt like that scene in Gremlins.. we. expected a dead cat, but instead they pulled out my missing phone."


Fuck you nigger admin


Don't talk to our admin like that.


pony merdae delenda est!