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>african americans
>black "people"
>People Of Color
>not calling them their true species: monkeys
and normalfags wonder why they were called NPCs

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I don't really care about "the black people issue" and don't understand online boards obsession with them, but then again my country is quite homogenous so the immigrants here tend to be well integrated with our culture and tend to try hard to give a strong first impression with work ethic and helping strangers.

I can't imagine anything more retarded than calling them african americans or people of color. Wokefags are so racist that they find it offensive to just call them what they are, black. They're black. Their skin is black. Who the fuck came up with people of color? Okay so part of the idea was that it would refer to everyone not white, but does that not just imply white is "normal"? How is black any more of a color than white? Neither of them are colors. That can't be the case though, because they invented "bipoc" to refer to black people, indigenous people, and "people of other colors". What the fuck does that mean? Can they not agree with what a colored person is? Are they trying to exclude asians for being too smart and wealthy in first world countries because it makes others look worse in comparison?
What the fuck are woke normalfags smoking? I don't want a taste of that.


You people are so boring.


You are too childish


This is also true.


fpbp I don't get the online obsession with them and other trivial topics like trans people


OP we dont care about [pol shit and if any of us do i would hope that friend would leave that stuff on pol and not bring it here.

thanks and enjoy your stay


Politics aren’t /cozy/

Polite reminder:



every single human on earth was descended from monkeys
meaning whites, asians and every other nationality?
all monkeys
so you're technically not wrong in saying black people are monkeys
even you and I were descended from monkeys
but the difference is (You) are a fucking retarded monkey


very important post


I don’t go on here to hear about niggers. You’re obsessed and need help.