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NEET drugs No.4027

Any of you guys use drugs?

I like psychedelic research chemicals. Easier than using the dark web. I used to do lots of DXM but I avoid it now because it raises my blood pressure too much, but God damn I loved DXM.


Research chemicals are great. I used to do 2C-i and 2C-e years ago. I gave up on the journey and became and alcoholic instead.


city kid spotted




I dabbled in the past, but in the end it's what made me a neet.

I drastically preferred 2C-E over 2C-B, B was only really ever fun when mixed with MDMA. It hurts to know I will literally never be as happy as the day I skipped school to take 2C-B and MDMA.
Really don't like alcohol, or any other drug for that matter. It makes it hard to read manga.


How does drug usage correlate to living in a city?


They probably mistakenly think you need "contacts" in the city to get anything even though even the author of NHK was ordering drugs online in the early 2000s.


Why did it make you become a NEET?

Also can you share your story of skipping school to get high on 2C-B and molly so I can vicariously experience nostalgia through you? I miss skipping class to smoke weed.

I've never tried any of the 2C family, but I hear a lot of good things. Shame it's illegal here and I have no clue where to find it. I still drink frequently. I love me some nice German wheat beer, but when money is tight I buy a 40 oz. I love to drink when I come off an acid trip.

My current stash if anyone cares, all stuff that I bought on the clearnet:
>AL-LAD (gave me some bad reactions, not gonna use it again)
>M. hostilis and P. harmala
>5-MeO-DiPT (haven't tried yet)
>5-Bromo-DMT (haven't tried yet)
>DPT (haven't tried yet)
>DXM (the new robotab pills, tried them once and they're great but afraid to use them more cause blood pressure like I said)

Wish I could get some nitrous oxide again too, but my mom works from home now so the sound of cracking canisters would annoy her.

I can credit these drugs with helping me stay sane in these crazy times. If you guys can get psychedelic drugs, I would really recommend trying it, but only if you do your research first. Psychonautwiki and Erowid are good resources.

I also used to use poppy seed tea, tianeptine and Benzedrex inhalers, which I would consider "NEET drugs" because they are easy to obtain without connections, but I don't recommend them. Psychedelics are where its at. Salvia is also cool if you can find it, it was made illegal here sadly.


>Why did it make you become a NEET?
I was massively abusing entactogens and psychedelics and weed to cope with stress from my new job. It lasted like this for 6 months until I completely burned out, took way too much drugs on no sleep and ended up in the hospital due to losing touch with reality. I still have damage from this period 7 years later in form of OCD and severe anxiety. I don't even go outside anymore.
>Also can you share your story of skipping school to get high on 2C-B and molly so I can vicariously experience nostalgia through you? I miss skipping class to smoke weed.
It wasn't all too interesting as it was alone. I messed up my volumetric dosing calculation on my 2C-B/Ethanol mixture so I accidentally took 100mg MDMA (for someone of my size and drug sensitivity, 60mg is actually more than enough and 100+ gives me crazy visuals from MDA conversion) and 50mg 2C-B instead of 25mg 2C-B. It started as it always did with 2C-B and too much MDMA, nausea. I had my comeup in the bathroom because I knew I would get sick and throw up, and I threw up and then felt better. I tried watching TV for a short while for some reason, I'd never seen actors with such big eyes before. I felt a strong connection to them, but even as they were showing happiness I felt they were all very sad within. Their eyes looked like they were always crying even though it was a happy show. I turned off the TV, it was weirding me out and I wasn't sure why I turned on the TV in the first place. I went to bed and put on my headset and opened my laptop and played old youtube techno (I remember the exact playlists I used that day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fnb4_A_aeoc + https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwcctJO8fig) while chatting in IRC channels to feel closeness. The IRC chat had funny colors, although everyone assured me that the IRC was just black and white and there was no javascript to give it funny colors on all the letters.

I'd never listen to this music nowadays, I'm getting old and it's exhausting, but I know deep down I will never enjoy something that much again which is why I generally don't recommend anyone do drugs because it's near impossible to quit when you discover how fucking amazing it can make simple nothing feel like, at least until it starts to feel empty as it's not true happiness. Long term users will know exactly what I mean by this.

I have good memories from AL-LAD and LSZ back in the day. Used to buy loads of tabs. I'm never going back though, it's simply just not for everyone.

Be careful with poppy seeds and kratom. Even though I had quit drugs I tried those in small quantities for a small pick me up in a depressive period and I soon started buying oxycodone, something I had never done before and using that on and off for a couple months I started feeling real tempted to buy heroin as it was so much cheaper and "basically the same". Now I can safely use opiates with responsibility though, I had a surgery last year in which I received some painkillers and took for 5 days and moved on, but it sure did make me lust for more.

Witnessed several people end up homeless junkies (in a first world country you'd think they wouldn't end up homeless), crooks, and even dead. You'd never think it would happen to your friends until they start getting into trouble year by year or dropping dead. I'm so glad I escaped this cycle even though I was primarily someone who only ever wanted weed and psychs.

Regarding Salvia, I only did it once as my first drug ever when I was barely a teen because it was legal and easy to buy. What a blast, but never again it was so dysphoric and awful. Only a funny thing to look back on as it was so confusing and I couldn't even recognize myself or my friends. Sky was literally dark purple in the middle of the day!

No thank you, I feel more fulfilled talking to anons on the internet and indulging in hobbies. I do respect people's choice though, even more so if they just dabble in psychs and are otherwise clean. There's a reason why some call DMT the business man's psych. Psychs can do useful things with your neurons, but almost everything else just dulls your brain and holds you back unfortunately. There's very few people I know who have completely honestly managed to derive usefulness out of uppers, downers, and dissos unfortunately, but I know some are out there.

Yes I'm being a nosey preacher, but remember not to push your limits as you'll end up far beyond the limitations you set for yourself 5-10 years ago, slowly but surely.


>I'd never listen to this music nowadays, I'm getting old and it's exhausting
I take it back, I ended up listening to the entirety of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pFCCYGplxg for nostalgia's sake. Not too bad with a cup of coffee and some computer tasks to do. I still prefer anime openings or calm piano music though.


>Any of you guys use drugs?
Answer is booze. A lot.