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MBTI Type? No.4128

It's pseudo-science but it's fun anyway. What's your Myers Briggs type?
me = INTP/

I feel like personality type doesn't really matter because most people are socialized to act the same way externally anyway, but it's interesting to see how people think internally.


Test said "thinker". The other test said the same. Guess most here are...


It looks like it's kind of in the middle for most the stuff:




INFP, although when I first took the test a decade ago in my teens I got INTP because I had yet to develop empathy and nuance and saw things quite black and white. Not that this is inherent to INTP of course, just explaining my shift from INTP to INFP. I'm a hiki so the *I* is obvious anyways, and what kind of *E* would use small anonymous communities?

Of course the test doesn't actually matter as you can't divide humanity into 16 personalities and most people are obviously biased in their own answers. Annoyingly every time someone brings the test up there will be someone comparing it to astrology despite astrology being purely based on star position, whereas at least MBTI has a couple personality traits to define the result, even if it's a very rough draft. Now that I've said this, hopefully nobody will compare it to astrology.




INTJ. I haven’t taken the test in a decade though


it said i'm underage-T




Some more quizzes if anyone wants something to do:


It seems to be different every time I take it.
And different on each of the sites.


INTP. I've know many INTPs from various online forums/chat groups over the years, and a LOT of them are huge losers. INFPs too. But INFPs will often claim 'it doesn't matter if you're a failure by other people's standards so long as you're true to yourself' and other dumb hippy crap.


>it doesn't matter if you're a failure by other people's standards so long as you're true to yourself
Is that wrong though? Who cares what other people think?


From the WoW quiz:


I get INTJ pretty consistently, which is weird because when I think about my actual life history, I sound like an ENFP. The joke I like to tell people is I jack off so much I have become my own perfect match (intjs and enfps are supposed to be highly compatible).

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Finally completed the easydamus quiz:


>But INFPs will often claim 'it doesn't matter if you're a failure by other people's standards so long as you're true to yourself' and other dumb hippy crap.
But that's completely true though...
Yes I am INFP, but that has nothing to do with it. Happiness comes from within.


I'm an INTJ and doing whatever you personally think is the right thing to do is always the best course of action.

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Did the nodiatis one:


whats with all these retarded threads about nothing


Who cares? Don't take the internet so seriously. We're all worthless here.

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Was browsing the webring and found a thread about this. Kind of interesting. Pretty easy quiz too.

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Personality styles are loosely correlated with MBTI types - for instance, your high avoidant score suggests you're either an INFJ or INFP

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I'd like to find a test for sensation seeking - I've got a hypothesis that we're all extremely low in that.


This one is a bit easier and shorter:


chaotic evil human paladin/bard (2nd/2nd)


I'm Mr. Negative!

>Your test scores suggest that your personality style entails: An internal discontentment and chronic irritability that springs from a deeply rooted feeling of ambivalence about yourself and others. You deal with this ambivalence by acting passive-aggressively towards others, oozing skepticism and discontent at them as a means to express your inner ambivalence. Constantly uncertain about your own capabilities, you alternate between submerging yourself to the wishes of others and rebelliously asserting yourself as a free individual who is entitled to respect and should not be bossed around. In your inability to decide whether to turn to others or to yourself for security and direction, your strategy for coping with internal conflicts resembles that of a young child who must constantly test the parental boundaries in order to find his own footing in life.




ENTJ master race reporting in


ok bro


I'm an ice type


I didn't know what MBTI it is. But I tested now. I dont know what exactly INTJ though




my sign is gemini

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It gave me a bunch of contextual questions without context and then called me a liberal when I went with the "unsure" answers.


>ctrl f
Classic. There's no one else like me on this rotten planet.


There's plenty of INTJ in this thread just nobody cares enough about the -a. I'm pretty consistently ISTP, was just too lazy to post.


Cause they are mostly intj-ts.


entp by function
enfp overall




I'm probably an assoholic bitch type, if the MBTI meme can be pulled this way.
I have no idea what MBTI type suits anti-social fuckwads and misanthropes like myself nor do I really care, I just go around hating everyone and everything and spewing sarcastic and cynical remarks on the retarded and mundane lives of others when they talk about it at me.

I'm only content when I'm complaining!


Let me guess: ISTJ


you are an extrovert, fagdrew.


not even introverted threads are safe from extroverted trolling now.
normal introverts don't write like that!!


D-dont impersonate me.


INTP/INTJ, P and J right down the middle. Half the time it goes slightly more into P, half the time J. Unmistakable. I am hybrid man. Very interesting correlation is in another type of test I am also 50/50 down the middle, I use the left side of my brain equally as much as the right side, and switch at will. When I want to be confident about something, I must convince one side of my brain with logic, otherwise I'll only have half the confidence.


You simply can't switch between intp and intj, they are incredibly dissimilar. Mbti is so fucking gay


my mbti is fat gaybar shooter and its 100% correct


I'm telling you it goes right down the middle for me. I'm something even stranger that is neither


You are uncertain about yourself.


I'm certain about being the hybrid man

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This is exactly how I'd describe my mind being 50/50 split on, especially the top. It's half intuition and half logic and neither is dominant, it's really very peculiar, that's why I said I have to convince one side, the intuitive side automatically understands the other side. Sometimes I see it as a gift, but sometimes I fear it is a curse


my mbti is 18, Brazil


The wizchan clique strikes again.


im an intp


Try not to be, it's a bad idea.


As an INTP who's spent a lot of time hanging around chatrooms and forums full of INTPs, you don't want to be an INTP - we're losers, and miserable losers too, usually. Try and be more INTJ-ish, or ENTP-ish, or anything (except for INFP, that's even worse).


ENTP god.


>lain picture
Your personality type is 'Delusional Faggot', sir.


I'd ask why you're biased against lain pictures, but it frankly doesn't matter what arbitrary reason you've chosen. Just that it's stupid and that the only annoying faggot here is you.

Braindead imageboard user 24 million, how fun.


The show is just Rick and Morty pretentious garbage, and as expected, 100% of the fans are obnoxious sudo-intellectuals (and 90% trannies). You can even see it by the writing style of your post.
And I could tolerate Lain pictures if she was at least cute, but unfortunately she's a victim of the show's hideous art style and fan-arters jump on the same train.


>your opinion about lain
Lain is popular, so of course people have opinions about it. You're entitled to yours and I don't care, so consider respecting others by not insulting them for an image choice.

By my writing style, you mean the fact that I haven't used 20 buzzwords per minute. I'm not in your 4chan clique, so you need to be patient with me, you see. Besides, I don't think you dislike psuedo-intellectualism, but rather intellectualism in general.
Finally, I think you would torture and kill me if given the opportunity. But I just want you to know I wouldn't do the same to you. That's all.