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NEETpride Magazine No.4538

Do I have the project for you! We'll be making a NEETzine bros. Pic related is a sample. It's a work in progress and I need cartoonists, artists, writers, editors, cool guys, and most importantly, NEETs to help me make this a thing. Even if you just want to put an ad in the NEET classifieds, get in touch by contacting me here:

If you have a new idea for an article to include, or even a new section entirely, let me know. You can also hijack one of the existing topics in the table of contents because none of them are finished yet. I really want there to be some NEET comics though as well as some NEET manuals/guides. This zine will take a lot of inspiration from lainzine:

I already contacted this site's admin for making it an official thing, and I'm waiting on his reply. Regardless, I will push out some version of this idea by 420 2022. I want YOU for the NEET army:

Even if you have no experience doing anything, you can still help! I also need someone to use as sounding board to work through ideas and judge the physical design with. Here's a copy of Adobe InDesign (don't spread it around too much, this is just so everyone can open the zine file):


i think i read one of your other articles on NEET's, iirc it was the 8 steps to being comfy as a NEET.

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Yep! That's me. I took a sabbatical and I'm now trying to make this into a more collaborative project. Plus, I miss lainzine and think there should be something similar. So, you in?


Is there anything I can do to get pride in being a neet? If anything, it's more a cause of shame for me...


You can start your journey here:


Is lainzine not a thing anymore? There are other zines out there including black fog zine.


Not to be rude, but you may want to learn how to
a) layout
b) design properly
For instance, the "And NEETdom Goes Mainstream! ...WHATTAFUCK?" is shittily aligned. Why would you have a left-align text, then have the next line not be left-aligned? I get that you want it to be sort of "said" by Korone, but that makes it feel too memey and is just a shit design choice.
On the layouts: they feel like a project submission from a high-schooler, or a scientific document, which really doesnt bode well. Your font choices aren't great; why use fucking Impact for your front covers headlines?
Also, the fonts aren't very readable, as the background fucks the readability. In general, actual fanzines/magazines tend to either not have much text on the foreground (, or have a white/monochrome background to make the text stand out ( When they don't, the background is blurred (
The cover page isn't very good, as the "logo" covers up a lot of space because of the white background. Transparency is probably better. I'm not a huge fan of the shitty edit as a cover, why not use something more classy, like an anime picture ( Also, speaking of Korone, the image used is low quality and clashes with the decent resolution of the background, which isn't great. I guess it'd be hard to find a better quality image though.
The table of contents reads like a high school project submission (which I've already said), and lends to the unprofessionality of the zine. Here's a really good ToC ( and here's something that's feasible ( Note that you don't need to necessarily copy the style exactly (it's hard to find good art for a spread, so you can just do one page without an image), just try and make your ToC more professional.
The 6th page is actually pretty good, except for the Impact font. Maybe switch the body font. from the ToC? Some variation is nice, but depends on how standard/eclectic you want this magazine to be. Another critique: i think you should make the page dark/black to fit with the image. Great layout, and especially great choice of image. Nitpick: maybe move the page number to the right, because it's a bit annoying at the centre
You have to be fucking meming with the 7th page. First off, the infographic edit is seriously stupid. Why cover up info in the infographic with text that could be placed elsewhere? Here's an alternate method of doing it that i whipped up in two minutes (picrel).
Second, the shitty image macro on the bottom half. One, it's overly small. Two, the font is dogshit, and shouldn't be used for anything besides middle-aged white women making inspirational quotes on Facebook. Three, the color gradient is embarrassing; there's nothing wrong with a color gradient in a fanzine inherently, but in general it's used strikingly, not like this. The leading is bad, and the color of the gradient isn't good either. You want to use a picture like this (, because it doesn't have the text that attention is being paid to in the centre, allowing for decent typesetting to the side of it. Finally, put that shit in another page. No one wants both on the same page.

That's pretty much all the criticism I have for the design. I'm not a great writer, so I can't comment on that, but I think you should seriously start working on your design.


for some reason I can't post the actual image, so I'll just tell you: put the text to the side of the writing.


Oh yeah, the best way to improve is by figuring out what you did wrong and figuring out how to do it right. Compare your work with others who are better, and you'll find the right way of doing things. Criticism by oneself is the best form of criticism

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OP here. Bro, I want you involved in this. This is exactly the kind of help I need. I don't know shit about aesthetics or fonts or graphic design because I'm mainly a writer. I will try to implement your suggestions but I really really want you to contact me via the link in the OP so you can be more directly involved. This pirated copy of Adobe InDesign works great.


I may start doing accountabilibuddy streams as I create this NEETpride Magazine more often if this one proves productive. Feel free to drop in and give me suggestions.


Project update:
>For instance, the "And NEETdom Goes Mainstream! ...WHATTAFUCK?" is shittily aligned. Why would you have a left-align text, then have the next line not be left-aligned? I get that you want it to be sort of "said" by Korone, but that makes it feel too memey and is just a shit design choice.
>I'm not a huge fan of the shitty edit as a cover, why not use something more classy, like an anime picture
Rejected. I'm not married to the idea or anything, but I do like the idea of NEETs being comfy as the world nukes itself to oblivion. Also I like Korone and want to include here saying "whattafuck" because it's a cute response to claiming that NEETdom is now mainstream. It's a somewhat shocking thing to claim and the reader's reaction ought to be "WTF"
>Your font choices aren't great; why use fucking Impact for your front covers headlines?
Agreed but I don't know what to go with
>Also, the fonts aren't very readable, as the background fucks the readability.
Agreed but I definitely want to have the magazine blurbs
>The table of contents reads like a high school project submission (which I've already said), and lends to the unprofessionality of the zine.
No idea what you're talking about here. I didn't pay attention in high school and this table of contents is barely different from lainzine, unless you just mean you don't like the font, although you say you do like the font in the ToC later on in your post so idk
>some variation is nice, but depends on how standard/eclectic you want this magazine to be.
I want it to be very eclectic, I want it to be clear it's a collaborative work.
>Second, the shitty image macro on the bottom half. One, it's overly small. Two, the font is dogshit
Agreed, fixed


>Don’t know what to go with
There’s a lot of good fonts out there, and it depends on your use case. For this, to give off a “comfy” style, you should use a easy to read, slightly soft font. Not really planning to spoon feed regarding font choices, it’s the number one thing you HAVE to get right as a designer, so you might as well start figuring it out now.
>Magazine blurbs
If nothing can be done about the background image, the best thing is to blur the background to make the text more readable (don’t blur the guy). Use more cool colors too.
I didn’t really say I liked the font, what I said is you could switch fonts from the ToC in the article on page 6 to have a bit more variety. I’ve said what to do with the font already. The main problem with your ToC is the presentation. First, the text is aligned badly. People in general tend to read right-to-left, so it’s better to put the information you want people to know first, then the page it is located (think about it, would you rather first see the number of an article then what the article is about or vice-versa?). A secondary problem is the usage of dots to pad out the page, it’s possible to have text on one side of the page and the page number on the other without using dots, which are visually unappealing.

It’s hard to have an eclectic visual/type style without veering into incoherency. I highly recommend you just play around with color schemes and imaging for now, since you seem to be just starting off.

Also, I will say that a lot of neet anime images are comfy, so it can still fit the style. This is more of a personal preference thing, as I like anime.


It should have life-teachings in it.
Maybe 1 per issue.
Things that would greatly improve your life, like how to not be a slave to the sin of sexuality and masturbation. The further you go into sin, the more you move into becoming a mindless beast.

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OP here. The only protips I have in it right now are streaming advice and how to read paywall articles for free. It's mostly just various NEET-positive content. There is a section about which jobs are the most NEET-friendly is might be controversial, but also contains some practical advice.

I personally think nofap is a feminist psy-op; however, I am happy to include any specific nofap advice you want to share. Just post it here and I'll squeeze it in.

Still looking for NEET artists/mangakas. I may resort to just stealing a few manga panels from


Also I still have 8 open slots for the NEET classifieds. Whether you're looking for people to help execute a project, followers, a friend, or you just have an idea you want to share with NEETs everywhere, the NEET classifieds are the solution. One of the NEET classified blocks will be advertising this very imageboard.


Do an article on games for poor neets, or kind of go-to games. Like postal 2, vtmb, bf2, oblivion, wow private servers, etc.


Welp, it's 9 days past my planned release date but I think it turned out pretty good:


good volume, i especially liked the interview towards the end, i think it really helped me get a feel for how you are going to steer this project


Good work. You should spam this across every neet orientated board and forum you can find.

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Glad you liked it!

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It's nice that people are working on stuff.

You shouldn't post women. Also, don't post anti-male stuff.
This image is incredibly gay:


What? I think you're confused. That image you posted is explicitly pro-male. The male is a millionaire without working and is smiling contently after enjoying a fap sesh. The female is in debt and is sad. It's also realistic. No woman invested in Bitcoin til long after it became mainstream. They're also the ones who work more, graduate, from college more, and start their own businesses more. They just also are the biggest consoomers because they struggle to orgasm without a chad and try to fill that (figurative) hole with stuff which is also why they tend to be more in debt. That's why so many commercials seem to target women btw


Women need to stay the fuck out of the workforce

We need more decent union jobs for men that you can raise a family on

Women joining the workforce was the was devastating for single men

Look at this hole, you can’t say she should be allowed to work.


>Being stuck subsidizing wahmans
>Making them do the bitchwork of bringing me tendies

Did you even think this through?


You should do an article for the next issue about Christianity.
It'll really help EVERYONE a LOT.
It'll help everyone overcome depression and to not be slaves to their flesh and to not be effeminate.

pumped.gif (258.88 KiB, 350x622) google saucenao

I don't care about religion but I still think that's a great article idea. I plan on releasing the next issue in 3 months, so submit your article about NEETdom and Christianity before then!

Open offer to anyone who believes any religion btw


You say this, but you're clearly depressed as fuck in all yours posts.


Depressed AND schizophrenic. Must be real easy to "find god" when your brain is that broken


Is it actually schizophrenia? It seems they hand those diagnoses out like candy nowadays. I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist during an inpatient hospital stay with schizophrenia because I was having suicidal and homicidal thoughts. Even though I wasnt having any hallucinations or delusions


Well, of course he is. You worship the Jewish demon Yahweh, and take part in a torture farm because suffering for its own sake is seen as a virtue... of course you'll come out tortured and suffering, and very confused as well because the narrative says "God" is good, so why then are you experiencing such Evil?

It's really just Clown World at work and you go through the same thing with work or thots or any of soyciety's other lies.


sperg diagnoses are also given out like fucking chocolates! Also some thots claim they are autistic for attention and trying to get a chad to fuck them out of sympathy while ignoring their beta orbiters. Women can't be autistic just as women can't be incels. I wonder what freudsters they bribed for their diagnoses.


I just got taxed € 0,00 this year!
Everything is perfect in this world!


One of the best things about being a NEET is never having your money stolen! "Life is suffering"? Maybe for the working class lmao


Any interest in poetry? I contacted you on the NEETpride website please let me know if you are interested


I look forward to reading your poems, most noble bard.


Sent you some of them. Curating the rest of them tonight. They are very experimental in style


I live by a mantra, it's a mantra using old language, so you might need to google some ancient boomer terms.




Let's go over those numbers again.

First you NEET. This is the easy part. Don't do jack shit. Doing shit is highly stressful. So stop doing things that make you unhappy. Do things that make you happy and bring you satisfaction.

Second, you YEET. Now a lot of people fuck this up. And that completely comes down to people not YEETing right, or defining YEETing in a way not conducive to Step 1. I YEET constantly. It doesn't matter what. Every little thing can be a YEET to me.

Step 3 is REPEET. This means to go back to step 1 and start NEETing again. Once you've NEETed sufficiently collect $200, and proceed a square to YEET and start the cycle all over again on your next turn.

The problem is, you're in a fishbowl and can't see a way out. Don't get in fishbowls.

The whole point of MGTOW is to not get stuck in the same rat race as the rest of the morons.

The by far easiest part is ignoring women. Because women aren't capable of MGTOW, non-hive mind mentality, or doing anything that might interfere with landing Chad.

Avoid the foid, and you won't be annoyed. Can foids live in a van down by the river? Why no they cannot. Can they give up their phones and social media? Wigga please.


This is great anon!
I tried to YEET myself but it did not result in the holy grail of SELF DELETUS!
Currently I am NEETing but believe me i may YEET myself again in 2 years time. I learned a lot from my from my previous YEET and am 95% sure I will achieve SELF DELETUS next time.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


i think a cool little subject would be “The Declassified NEET Survival Guide” aka "So You're a Neet: A Guide on How to Live a comfy NEET life", documenting such things as how to deal with becoming a new NEET to both pros and cons of the NEET lifestyle.


Should I include an HD remaster of this classic article?


The YEET is aimed at others who don't add value in your life.




I have already YEETED my family, wagies and other fuckers from my life. My foolish father thinks he can buy our relation back with money/gifts, dumb cuck!
once YEETED from my life the person is DELETED from my life!




OK I'm looking for examples of antiwork or NEETpositive TV shows and films. I already have Severance and Corporate, two shows about the hell that is the modern workplace. What else ya got for me?


I dunno if you like reading, anon but this could be up your street!


It's going in the NEET Classifieds! But I'm still looking for antiwork and NEETpositive TV shows and films...

2Q==.jpg (18.88 KiB, 183x275) google saucenao

Does Osomatsu-san count as NEET-positive? It has some anti-NEET themes imo


I feel like Isekai Ojisan is supposed to be an allegory for a NEET who lives in the game world until his parents die/kick him out at age 35, and then he moves in with his nephew. Thoughts?