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i hate fake neets


Who are fake neets?


weekend neets, school break neets, holiday neets, kill them all


fake neetcide when?


>weekend neets, school break neets, holiday neets
nobody says they're neets because taking they're taking a small break.


This. I haven't interacted with NEETs that claimed to be a NEET while being in EET.


Old post but I've found a fair few of these people. It's like they just want to attach themselves to any possible 'subculture'. I would even say that by NEET we mean people who fell into it by accident or inaction and may or may not want to leave but cannot either way. There are some people that intentionally become NEETs after working for a while, it's like early or temporary retirement. Not to mention normal retirees. So it's kinda different.

I looked for other NEETs to find people with things in common with me and support eachother but I found a lot of students and holidayers claiming NEEThood and posting about their unNEETlike things or ex-NEETs or just random people. Clearly they haven't felt what we've felt and I can't relate at all. Not to gatekeep or anything, no need for narrowminded homogeneity but I feel like these people have nothing to do with the NEET condition.




op here, i made this thread almost a year ago, still neet and still hating on those fake neets hehe


lost my NEET card years ago...


What do you do now, anon?


work. its nice to have money, and i couldnt stand the monotony of being a NEET. more of a hikikomori now, and going to work gives me something to do during the day


I hate fake hikkis the most. "I'm on vacation so I'm NEET" it's a joke but "I don't leave my house after school therefore I'm hikikomori" makes my rage.


Ex-Neet here but I was a proper one not doing anything for years.
Its beyond me how this could become an attractive subculture for some.
Having this time to read about interesting stuff all day and draw memes was nice but life was so very shameful. Its not like most Neets are more then -very- online persons.


It's socialbitch who think that be Neet it's a cool. It's stupid poseurs.


The marginal and radical always have a veneer of cool.


Anyone who wants to be a NEET, but isn't, should be welcomed into NEETdom. There is no more ardent abolitionist than a slave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhbpRnV9fsE


I agree they are absolute cancer i especially hate those kids who say LUL i am NEET on the weekends or those retarded normalfags who say shit like LOL i am hikikomori and i have a job or i go to school just STFU you are not a fucking NEET.


Oh and speaking of fake NEETs let's not forget this attention whoring bitch who became a well known meme on 8chan and basically became their version of Boxxy.


>on 8chan
She was with Hikkichan before that. Eurasians unless raised very carefully are prone to having mental issues. Let's leave sleeping dogs lie.


Very true.


>i am hikikomori and i have a job or i go to school just STFU you are not a fucking NEET.
Well, you can be a hikikomori and have a job if you can do it from your house, but like you said if you have to go outside for job or school then you're definitely not a hiki. Nor a NEET.


I hate fake weebs


I hate "fake" people




So many people don't understand that being a Hikki and/or NEET isn't just something you spout once and a while. It's a damn way of life. It's not something for social status or anything like that. That's sadly how a lot of people see it now days. That's what I can't stand


I’m a real NEET


Not true that is a lie that has been spread by places like Reddit and 4chan.


Being a weeb isn't something to be proud of.


We get it you're underage shut up already.



>Hikikomori (Japanese: ひきこもり or 引きこもり, lit. "pulling inward, being confined"), also known as "acute social withdrawal" is total withdrawal from society and seeking extreme degrees of social isolation and confinement.[

>The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare defines hikikomori as a condition in which the affected individuals refuse to leave their parents' house, do not work or go to school and isolate themselves away from society and family in a single room for a period exceeding six months



You can definitely day trade or freelance and still qualify. Passive income/capital gains are okay as well. Where I'd draw the line is "regular" employment from home. Is someone who gold farms on a MMORPG automatically disqualified?


Making side money from a hobby doesn't count if it did the author of Welcome To The NHK or the guy creating the NEET game Pull Stay were never NEETs in the first place LOL gold farming on a MMO isn't a real job.

As far as day trading or freelancing no that is still seen by a lot of people as a form of regular employment so no especially given the current world situation.

A hikikomori is a type of recluse recluses who have jobs support themselves and make money are not hikikomori i recommend reading the psychology book Hikikomori Adolescence Without End by Japanese psychologist Tamaki Saito the book gives a in depth and descriptive look and understanding on the subject.


I remember reading the book years ago, it was surprisingly accurate.


>especially given the current world situation
Fuck the current situation. People have been doing Etsy crafts and accepted paid commissions for art and fanfiction for a long time.


>waaah I just graduated high school and didn't start uni for a year I'm NEET
Holy shit kys


Just acquired the book, I think I'll take a read sometime later or over the weekend.


The gap year is how it starts...


That's how it started for me. One year became two and two became three then so on.