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What job would you be willing to quit NEEThood to do?


Bed tester.


When I am no longer a NEET I will be a bungee jumper, but without the rope


The night shift security guard in my apartment building don't do anything so that. They just sleep in their booth or play on their phones.


Security guard or librarian are the most NEET-friendly jobs. Also museum receptionist. I had that last one once and the only difference between what I do as a NEET and what I did there was that I was forced to wear clothes most of the time.


i want to be a responsible househusband.


Streamer I guess, but I wouldn't show my face, or talk
Just play the videogames I like


Does being a househusband or housewife count as being a NEET?

I say yes. Even as a NEET, you still have to take care of your body, eat food, clean your house occasionally, etc. Most of us probably already have a pet we take care of. Think about it: your progeny is literally an extension of your body.


>arguing against a point no one was making


Not quite. It's a !THREAD HIJACK! which means the focus of the thread has now shifted to a debate: do housewives/househusbands count as NEETs?


I think it depends. If you’re caring for children, that’s a full time job so no.


I hijack your hijack back to the original topic thank you and goodbye


security camera guard, basically lay in a dark room playing videogames and eating snacks for 8 hours, then going to sleep


There's no debate, housebound people without EE or T are NOT EET'S. NEETs.


system hacker at the free software foundation, as long as i get a free hug from RMS!


The guy that launches the nukes to kill everyone.


Depends on how strict you define working. My qualifications are:
Must be extremely high pay.
Must be extremely low/no effort.
Minimal/no interactions with others.
Anything that doesn't meet all those requirements is immediately disqualified.
So if I build a machine for mining crypto and then leave it turned on, is that work or passive income? Once it's built I will almost never be touching it.


Most passive income streams require maintenance anyway. Tech breaks, platforms change rules, it's never as simple as it push a button and watch your bank account go up. Of course, usually you just hire someone to do it for you, but you still have to worry about them skimming which happens all the time.


One mining machine costs 2,000-2,500 (and at current GPU prices a minimum of double this).
If you think trusting anyone that isn't you with that is a good idea, you'll get what you fucking deserve!


I'd like to be a penetration tester, but I suspect my brain's become too damaged by meds and depression to handle the cognitive challenges.


And it shows