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>I will never have a gf
>I will never have a wife
>I will never have kids
>I will die a kissless virgin
how do I cope with this feel?


I don't know. But if you find out please share it.


i try to ignore those thoughts and remind myself to take it easy.

take it easy~


Antinatalism helps. Maybe you’d be a better parent to your genetic heritage than most, but that doesn’t change the fact this world is shit.


just got gf, we're all going to make it lads


how old are you?




God that's good to hear. I guess there's hope for me after all. Is she your first gf?


Not my first gf, I met her at 19, broke up at 21. I It seems like every time I end up with a girl it's completely by chance and didn't require any input on my own.


antinatalism and other ideologies like that are edgy shit for teenagers


Not an argument.


>tfw lost virginity at 16
>tfw self-sustaining INTJ psychopath NEET
>tfw 9/10 looks


I wouldn't go so far as to say they are exclusively for teenagers, but it is true that they don't make complete sense. I would say semi-antinatalism is a better approach. We are over populated, so we should be having less babies for sure. At the very least this weird social pressure for everyone to settle down and have children needs to dissipate.


I'm not 528, but I've always been annoyed by this Stephen Molyneux answer. He uses it to be lazy, so he doesn't have to reply. Most of the time when a comment is not "technically" an argument, with a small amount of time, one can extrapolate what the person meant. In this case, 528 is insinuating that they are philosophies of little logic and too much pessimistic emotion. While I disagree with 528, I understand what he is trying to say.


I am just wondering why you say this. Why do you say never? Have you given up? Strength training every day. Cardio every day. Eat better. Eat less (if you're overweight). Eat more (If you're underweight or looking to build muscle). Spend some time learning how to make your hair, facial hair, pubes, and skin look good. Also if your sporting a unibrow, pluck that shit. Hahaha! (I know I do!) Spend some time learning about male fashion. (This is the hardest one in my opinion, but worth the effort.) Then just have normal conversations with women. Don't try to flirt with them. Don't try to "pick them up". Just talk. And talk and talk and talk. The rest will come later.
When it comes to kissing, don't ask. Don't come screaming in like a MiG-25 either. Just lean in slowly. If she's into it, she'll meet you there. And it will be magical. Remember, first contact is all about soft lip touching. Then build from there. If she starts to pull away let her. Make eye contact and look into those soul windows. You'll know how she feels about you in there.



If you're wondering about strength training, here's my regime. If no weights: Air squats, push ups, crunches all in a row. Just keep doing them back to back until you're tired. If you're really unfit, take a break after the crunches and just do the circuit 3 times. Stretch ballistically beforehand. I can't do pull ups yet, but if you can, noice!!! Hahaha! That's some impressive stuff! Add those to the circuit.
If you have weights: Back Squats, Deadlift, Bench Press (Or push ups if you can only do less than 10 in a row), Bent over Rows (or any row that hits the lats), overhead press, and finish with crunches. I like to throw in curls for my vanity muscles (my biceps. I think big biceps look good on anyone. Fat, skinny. Big chest, small chest. Huge legs, noodle legs. I have yet to see a body type where large arms look bad.) I like to do this in a circuit without breaks. I do light weights, every day. (I'm trying to lose weight.) If you're trying to build muscle, cut it in half. Day A: Squats, Deadlifts, Crunches. Day B: Bench Press, Bent over Row, Overhead Press. Alternate Day A and Day B with at least 1 day of rest between them. Always warm up with no weight on the bar for the first set. Then do 5-10 reps each set. Try to start with 3 sets. The warm up empty bar set does not count. Wait at least 1 minute between sets. Ideally wait until you feel rested. Do NOT do this heavy style lifting in a circuit like the calisthenics of the low weight lifting. Do each exercise individually. E.g. 1 warm up, empty bar set of Squats for 10 reps. Then 3 sets of 135 pounds for 8 reps each. Make sure the weight is enough to make your muscles decently sore the next day, but not so much that you can't move in the morning. You'll get a feel for this over time. When in doubt, do less with less weight. You can always do more next time. But if you get injured, you could be out of the game for months. Big set back. Look into the proper forms and techniques online for each exercise. This is very important for longevity. You might be able to lift with crap form for a while, but it will catch up with you. This is a good beginner guide. You will gain muscle as long as you eat enough calories. (Protein is important, but most people get more than enough on a Standard American Diet [SAD]. Consider changing your diet if you are eating SAD, but that is a whole other post).


Oh, and if the virgin thing is a big deal to you, hire an escort. Technically illegal? Yes. (Depending on where you live) But you'll never get in any legal trouble. Worst case, the lady steals your money. This is rare though. Especially if you pay the standard 300 bucks. Save up a bit and find a girl that looks sexy to you. Have a fun hour. (They LOVE virgins. It assures you're disease free and [no offense] virgins are usually not aggressive. Escorts worry about diseases and violence. They don't care about looks or performance.) Then you won't have the V card hanging over your head.


If this is all true, why don't you just get a job?


And what is a self-sustaining NEET?