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I don't think the faq works, and where are the rules?
Is the admin even here?
With all this spam, I'd assume that he's not.
Interesting layout, though.


thats a nice picture

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But what's this Key thing?
And are the rules just don't shitpost, stay on topic, no NSFW pictures, nothing illegal in the US?

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Looks like the faq section isn't set yet, however -

> How can I use a tripcode or identify myself persistently across boards and threads?
Tripcodes/staff capcodes don't exist (no attention whoring, easy access and anonymity is key)

> Are IP addresses stored, or are any other tracking mechanisms used?
IP addresses are not stored in plain text, although they are retained via hashing and salting in the case of needing to revoke access due to rule violations. Keep in mind that we don't use any tracking/persistent cookies or Google Analytics — Stallman would be proud.

> What's the key field used for?
You can use the key field to sage (not bump) threads, and in the future you might be able to identify yourself with a randomly generated username that is only valid on a per-thread basis (i.e. a new username will be generated if you use the same key in a different thread)

> Where can I find access to the source code?
The source will be available if or when the software has been rewritten in something other than PHP w/ ZF2 — currently it's only just a prototype with very specific limitations.

> Rules
not cp, 20mb max file size, no one probably will appreciate real porn here given the weeb nature, and send """dmca""" complains here: [email protected]




cool site, keep it up