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Plz make me stop sleepin

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No problem.
1) acquire benzedrex: hhhhttps://www.amazon.com/Benzedrex-61023-Nasal-Decongestant-Inhaler/dp/B000X76K04
2) rip open container with pliers and extract the cotton
3) put cotton in shot glass or tiny mason jar, cover with 30-70 mL of distilled 90% pure vinegar
4) stir/shake/agitate the cotton in the vinegar for at least 2 hours (the cotton should have completely lost it's original shape)
5) squeeze out the remaining vinegar from the cotton and drink the vinegar shot
6) wait an hour
Congratulations! You have just consumed the secret legal stimulant known as propylhexedrine! To prevent burps, it's best if you basify your stomach first by taking tums or eating a spoonful of baking soda. Make sure to do more research on the drug before taking it! Although most of the info you'll find will also be from random NEETs like me. Don't overdo it!


I've gotten tired of sitting at my pc. So I just lay in bed a few times a day.
I can't wait for this life to be over.

I'd be outside doing stuff, but god took away my job, health, looks, independence, social skills and everything else. Now I just rot in my room and getting upset at him.


I hate sleep more than anything in the world, why can't doctors stop wasting their money on producing shrink meds and invent a stimulant that keeps you awake for a week. hopefully transhumanism will find a way to replace our defective biological neurons with nanites and then sleep will be obsolete.